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Certified Court Reporters at Pulone Reporting Services

Many courts in the state of California no longer provide official court reporting services. Therefore, more attorneys are now must hire their own court reporters to record in-court proceedings on their behalf. Pulone Reporting Services regularly provides experienced, certified court reporters for trials, hearings, motions, settlement and status conferences, orders of examination (OEXs), and examinations under oath (EUOs). To learn more about the benefits of relying on our court reporters, we urge you to reach out to us and schedule our professional reporting services. For nearly four decades, law firms have relied on our exceptional, accurate court reporting services for all their needs.

How Our Court Reporters Can Be Helpful in the Courts

Attorneys now must hire independent court reporters to provide impartial court reporting services since most courts throughout California have stopped providing official court reporters in their civil departments. However, not all independent court reporters have the same resources and many years of experience. Therefore, it’s crucial you select one with the right amount of experience and versatility that you can trust. Pulone Reporting Services has a stellar reputation earned over nearly four decades. However, you don’t have to just take our word for it.

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Pulone Reporting Services offers the same superior quality of professional reporting and attentive support services for all other reporting venues, including the prompt turnaround of accurate transcripts, real-time rough drafts, and expedited document delivery. Please contact us today to schedule court reporting services in San Jose or anywhere you may need a reporter in the Bay Area. Not only do we have a main office in San Jose and a satellite office in Santa Cruz, but we also have more than 100 affiliate offices across the United States and Canada for your convenience. Thanks to our online transcript repository, we also make it quick and easy to access your transcripts and other legal documents anywhere, anytime!

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