Videography Services in San Jose

Valuable Tools in the Legal Industry

Using legal video depositions is a very important part of the legal process. Having digital video synchronized to the court transcript allows the ability to access, edit, and present video deposition clips with ease. At Pulone Reporting Services, we have an experienced videography and production team that ensures that your video is properly synced and set-up for easy use.

Videography Services in San Jose

A few benefits of professional court reporting and videography services include:

  • Organize your case easily
  • Access critical information
  • View transcript and video simultaneously
  • Edit and present video clips

A videotaped deposition truly can impact the outcome of your case and may even help with discovery during the process. Our team of legal videographers are highly trained in capturing quality video and audio on your behalf. If you’d like to include video services, call us today at 800-200-1252 or schedule a meeting to learn more about the difference it can make to your case!

Our Values

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  • Connect Via Any Device
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  • Broadcast Quality Video Production