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Using video depositions is an integral part of the modern judicial process. Having digital video synchronized to the reporter’s transcript allows for the ability to access, edit, and present video deposition clips with ease. At Pulone Reporting Services, we have an experienced videography and production team to ensure your deposition video is synced properly and set up for convenient use. We serve as well as law firms, insurance companies, and any businesses that require our specific skill set. Please contact us today to request more information about our legal videography services in San Jose and throughout the Bay Area. We have over three decades of field expertise to meet all your legal video production needs.

Videography Services in San Jose

How Videography Services Can Be Useful in the Legal Industry

While our trained court reporters can provide a verbatim account of depositions and other crucial legal proceedings, words are sometimes not enough. Video can capture body language, gestures, and facial expressions not found in a deposition document. Thanks to our legal videography services in San Jose, law firms are equipped with more vital information when building their cases. Pulone Reporting Services only works with the best videographers in the business, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to shoot everything in a convenient digital format.

If any technical issues arise during the deposition, you’ll also get peace of mind knowing our videographers are there to troubleshoot on-site and help you avoid recording delays. Upon request, we also offer video editing and trial presentation technical support to help make your videos of depositions, arbitrations and meetings stronger and more effective. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Be sure you’re capturing the right words and images with our professional videography services.

Benefits of Legal Videography from Pulone Reporting Services

At Pulone Reporting Services, our deposition videography is shot using high-definition, broadcast-quality video cameras and microphones. Our professionals always set up the least obtrusive shot possible without compromising the picture quality. Benefits of entrusting your legal videography needs to our Bay Area team include all the following:

  • Convenient Organization & Easy Access – Allowing us to document evidence and record video depositions will help you better organize your case. You’ll always enjoy easy access to your case’s information, thanks to our convenient digital formats. We digitize all transcripts into a single transcript repository with authorized access only to keep them safe and secure. Whether you need to access your video depositions, court hearings or trials, or other crucial communication between you and your team, it’s all easily accessible via the Internet.
  • View Transcript & Video Together – Being able to view transcript and video simultaneously allows you to focus on visual cues otherwise missed in the written transcript. If a witness shows signs of nervous fidgeting or witness coaching, it will become more apparent in a video. Slight hesitation before giving answers, avoiding eye contact, emotional outbursts, and other involuntary reactions are also more evident in a video deposition.
  • Saves Time & Money – Time is money, no matter the industry. Videography helps you save time in case review because it takes less time to review video depositions than written transcripts. Videography also allows you to include testimony from depositions of witnesses unable to appear in court at the time of trial. If you invest in legal videography, you’re less likely to lose the time and effort you’ve already put into your case when the unexpected happens.
  • Edit & Present Video Clips – Available upon request, our video editing services are second-to-none. Our team can edit and present broadcast-quality video clips, even from subpar security camera footage. Video clips help you demonstrate specific points of your case visually, so you have the undivided attention of the judge and jury. We follow all established videography guidelines to produce clear visuals that will be accepted in all Superior Courts in California.

Could You Use a Legal Videographer in San Jose & the Bay Area?

A videotaped deposition truly can impact the outcome of your case and will benefit during the discovery process. Our team of legal videographers in San Jose is highly trained in capturing quality video and audio on your behalf. If you’d like to include legal videography services, call us today and schedule a meeting to learn more about the difference it can make to your case. A powerful video deposition may help a judge or jury rule in your client’s favor. We’re here to help in any way we can!


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