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We Provide Remote Depositions From Any Location for Courts & Law Firms

With COVID-19 affecting in-person court proceedings, remote depositions are more popular than ever. Pulone Reporting Services is here to bring you advanced technological solutions for court proceedings involving people spread throughout the country or the world. We can facilitate remote depositions for any USA courts, lawyers, and insurance companies. The technology we use allows us to connect all witnesses, regardless of where they are located, allowing questioning to continue without delays for travel. Please reach out to us today for more information about our remote deposition services.

How Remote Depositions Can Be Helpful

If you are regularly a part of depositions, you know first-hand the amount of work that goes into the process. There are witnesses to find and coordinate, schedules to take into account, and possible travel. This can quickly become a logistical nightmare as you try to make a plan for how to tackle all the steps of your deposition. The ability to depose witnesses remotely solves many of these issues and makes the entire process simpler. Courts and lawyers who use our remote deposition services find they are incredibly helpful in completing all the necessary tasks by deadline. Some of the tops ways remote depositions can be helpful include:

  • Convenience: Being able to connect to witnesses remotely brings a level of convenience that in-person depositions cannot. You won’t have to worry about setting a meeting place as all parties can connect wherever they are.
  • Legally Acceptable Evidence: Remote depositions are legally acceptable evidence, even when document review, notarizations, video recording, and transcription is required. Our team can help facilitate remote depositions and also ensure they are acceptable evidence for the court.
  • Reduces Travel Expenses: Traveling to various places to interview witnesses can quickly rack up travel expenses. With remote capabilities, you won’t have to worry about expensive trips and can pass those savings along to your clients.
  • Saves Time: Traveling to interview witnesses also requires a lot of downtimes as you move from place to place. This is time wasted that you could have spent building your case. You can prevent downtime and streamline your process with remote options.
  • COVID-19 Safe: Virtual depositions help with social distancing by allowing you to have the meeting done remotely instead of in-person in a courtroom.

The Technology Used in Remote Depositions

Today’s vast technology resources make it possible to collect sworn statements from witnesses remotely. This eliminates the need for unnecessary travel. These remote meetings can be facilitated using a variety of technology, allowing you to personalize the experience for your needs. We can build a remote deposition solution to provide the functions and communication your situation requires. The remote technology we use to facilitate your deposition includes:

  • Teleconferencing: This technology is a popular option because it is often the most cost-effective. We can facilitate live phone calls with multiple parties, allowing you to add or remove participants at will.
  • Video Technology: Video conferencing is the perfect option in depositions that require viewing of a person, specific document, or other evidence. With our video technology, all participants will be able to see each other and view the exhibits in question. When presented in court, a video deposition can be more engaging rather than simply hearing a recording.
  • Privacy & Security Technology: When it comes to legal matters, security and privacy are of the utmost importance. We use a variety of secure platforms for legal web-based video conferencing and provide the stenographic services required to ensure deposition transcripts will be admissible in court.

How Remote Depositions Work

Remote depositions work much the same as traditional in-person depositions. As long as participants have a phone or internet connection, they can easily join the meeting and provide their sworn testimony. Once everyone is connected, the deposition will follow the same pattern as a normal deposition, with the lawyer asking the witness questions to get their sworn testimony. The testimony will be recorded and can also be transcribed as needed. You can then present this recording as evidence in court to help build your case.

Benefits of Choosing Pulone Reporting Services

When choosing a reporting service to aid in your deposition, you want to choose an experienced and reliable team. The team at Pulone Reporting Services has more than three decades of experience in the business. We use this experience along with advanced technology to provide innovative solutions for your law firm, producing modern, effective, and accurate court reporting. With the help of our experienced reporting staff, you can be assured you will be able to complete an effective and productive deposition to use as evidence in your case. Please reach out to our team today to learn more about the many court reporting services we provide or to inquire about our remote deposition services. We’re here to help make your court proceedings safer and simpler.

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