Court Reporting Services in San Jose

Memory is notoriously unreliable. If you need an incontrovertible record of a meeting or other gathering, make sure you have a professional on hand. Though a digital audio recording may provide a record of events, that record is only as good as the quality of the recording. A court reporter undergoes special training in order to create certified, accurate transcripts. If you or your organization is in need of a highly skilled court reporter in San Jose, or anywhere in the country, contact Pulone Reporting Services. Our court reporters average over 20 years’ experience serving Northern California attorneys, courts, businesses, and other organizations.

Professional Court Reporters at Pulone Reporting Services

If you are in need of court reporting services in San Jose, Pulone Reporting Services may be able to help. With our extensive knowledge of the industry and top-quality court reporters, we can provide a reporter for virtually any type of meeting. Our professionalism and flexibility are just two of the qualities which have earned us an exceptional reputation in the San Jose area.

Uses for Court Reporting

Court reporting isn’t just for recording what occurs in a deposition or courtroom. Here are just a few other settings where court reporters can provide the most accurate record.

  • Interviews: If you work for a magazine or another media outlet, you might publish interviews verbatim. Hiring a court reporter is a fast and easy way to obtain transcripts of all your interviews.
  • Legal Proceedings: During a deposition or any legal proceeding that requires a record to be made, it’s wise to have a court reporter present. A court reporter can record everything and prepare a verbatim, certified transcript for your review and for court filing if needed.
  • Corporate Meetings: During business meetings, you and your colleagues will discuss critical ideas and issues. Having a court reporter present at your meetings can ensure that your ideas are recorded in their entirety.

Reasons to Hire a Court Reporting Firm

A court reporter can benefit your organization in a number of ways. Here are a few reasons why you might hire a thoroughly trained and skilled court reporter from Pulone Reporting Services.

  • Fast Meeting Transcripts: It’s ideal to have a transcript from your meeting available as soon as possible. A court reporter can hand you an accurate transcript virtually as soon as your meeting is concluded.
  • Reading Back Testimony: During a meeting or legal proceeding, you might need to have something read back to you. Our court reporters are trained to scan their notes and promptly recite previously spoken dialogue.
  • Stellar Accuracy: A court reporter can provide a level of clarity and accuracy that a digital recorder cannot. If more than two people are speaking over each other, for example, a court reporter can request that they speak one at a time to ensure that every word gets recorded.


Examples of when clients use court reporting services are:

  • DepositionsCourt Reporting at Pulone Reporting Services
  • Board meetings
  • Corporate meetings
  • Legal statements
  • Trials and hearings
  • Arbitrations
  • Interviews

We also offer a variety of video court reporting services including video streaming, digitization, and videoconferencing. Using a video in your argument or meeting can be a powerful tool. Our court reporting services have been depended upon throughout Northern California and the San Jose area for over 40 years.

If you require a court reporter for business or legal proceedings, call Pulone Reporting Services at (408) 280-1252.

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