• A Quick Look at Synchronized Video Transcripts

    Synchronized video transcripts combine the power of a visual image with transcripts of a proceeding to make an impact on juries and opposing counsel alike. Having the ability to view testimony taken by video conferencing combined with the legal transcript can also make it easier to prepare for your case.

    A court reporter can create a legal transcription of video testimony that can be synched with the image for easy editing. With synchronized video transcripts, you can easily highlight important information, add annotations, and flag statements. Because synchronized video transcripts can be prepared in just a few seconds, you can also use the technology to impeach witnesses in real time.

    Let Pulone Reporting Services walk you through the technology we can provide to make your cases more effective, including legal transcription and synchronized videos. You can schedule a meeting with a court reporter in Palo Alto, California today by calling (408) 280-1252.

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  • Working with Court Reporters

    Court reporters can be extremely helpful in a wide range of circumstances—they are able to provide accurate transcripts of meetings and legal proceedings, they can read back any dialogue that’s taken place, and they can provide a record of any proceeding as soon as it has concluded. If you are considering hiring a court reporter in Palo Alto, California, but are unsure of how to interact while he or she is on the job, continue reading for a few tips on proper interactions.

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    Prepare the Court Reporter

    Before the proceedings begin, introduce yourself to the professional court reporter. This is also a good time to inform the court reporter about specific terms that may come up during the proceedings. For instance, if there will be expert witnesses who may use technical terminology, let the court reporter know this and provide a list of the terms that may be mentioned.

    Speak Carefully

    While court reporters have extensive training that allows them to accurately record any proceedings, they cannot record the speech of more than one person at a time. Avoid interrupting and speaking over other parties, and be sure to allow others enough time to finish speaking before you begin. Speak clearly and at a normal pace. Ask that witnesses state and spell their names so that the court reporter can record them accurately.

    Clarify Non-Verbal Communications

    Court reporters are trained to record spoken words, so the record they provide may not capture all of the non-verbal communications during a proceeding. Be sure to verbally confirm and clarify unspoken communications, such as gestures, nodding, and pointing. This way the court reporter can provide you with an accurate and complete record of the proceedings.

    Correct Any Mistakes

    If you make a verbal mistake, be sure to withdraw it as soon as possible so that the record can be updated. Similarly, if certain interactions are off the record, such as a sidebar conference, be sure to let the court reporter know that this is the case, and indicate when the proceedings go back to being on the record.

  • Can Board Meetings Be Legally Recorded?

    There are many advantages to recording board meetings, whether all of the attendees are present in person or the meeting utilizes video conferencing. However, is it legal to do so? Here is what you need to know about the legality of recording board meetings and video conferencing in Palo Alto, California .

    California law does allow board meetings to be recorded. Board meetings are inherently public, under the Common Interest Open Meetings Act, so there is no expectation of privacy. During a video conference, there is a reasonable expectation that the proceedings could be recorded, so there is no legal concern about recording the meeting, even if the participants were not officially notified of the recording. California law allows any proceeding to be recorded unless there is a specific reason that the conversation is protected by law. For this reason, video conferencing solutions that incorporate recording are useful ways to create records of board meetings that all participants can reference as needed in the future.

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  • The Savvy Witness’s Guide to Preparing for a Video Deposition

    Facing a video deposition can be nerve wracking, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Before you face the video conferencing screen, the court reporters, and the attorneys, take some time to prepare, so you can answer questions with confidence and get through the deposition as quickly as possible. When you have a video conference deposition in Palo Alto, California scheduled, get ready with these tips.

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    Get Advice from the Pros

    Review in full what to expect at the deposition with the attorney who is representing you. He or she can give important advice about how to answer questions and how to deal with any disputes that may arise, as well as helpful information about what to expect. There is a good chance the attorney will want to closely review your testimony with you before the deposition. Take advantage of this time to get comfortable with your testimony, so you can answer questions with ease.

    Dress Appropriately

    For a video deposition, you should choose professional dress, as though you were going to court to testify. Keep in mind that you will be on camera, so consider wearing clothing in colors that are easy to pick up on camera. Generally, light, solid colors and clothing without patterns work best on camera. Don’t wear anything uncomfortable. You should look at ease while giving your testimony rather than awkward and fidgety because your clothing is not comfortable.

    Be Direct

    When you are being questioned, answer exactly what is being asked as simply as possible. Avoid adding extra details that could open up additional avenues of questioning. Keep a neutral expression, even if the line of questioning frustrates you. You will be wearing a mic, so resist the urge to mutter under your breath, as it will be recorded. Keep a calm and neutral tone of voice, and try to avoid long pauses, which can make your answers seem evasive. Speak clearly, so that the transcript and recording reflect exactly what you are saying.

  • How Court Reporting Machines Work

    The first question many people have when they see court reporters in action is how they manage to type so fast. The secret is in the court reporting machine. When you hire a court reporter in Palo Alto, California , he or she will bring a stenography machine that allows him or her to report what is being said with incredible speed and accuracy. Here’s a closer look at how it works.

    Court reporters may look like they are typing much as you would on your computer keyboard, but in reality, they aren’t typing actual words. Instead, court reporters type phonetically. The machine itself has 22 keys and is split into two halves. One half contains starting sounds, the other final sounds, with the middle containing vowel sounds. Typing phonetically allows court reporters to shave multiple keystrokes off each word, which contributes to their speed These phonetic records are then translated into accurate transcripts of every word said.

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  • Developing a Professional Look for Your Video Conference

    When hosting a video conference in the Bay Area, it’s essential to maintain a professional look throughout the event. Many people who are hosting a video conference for the first time make the mistake of treating it like an informal event. In fact, it’s best to pretend that everyone is in the same room and can see what all of the other attendees are doing at any given time. It’s particularly important to look and act professionally when you’re conducting a video conference deposition.

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    Choose a Conference Room


    If you’re putting together a remote deposition, then renting a conference room is a must. However, a conference room rental also makes sense in the corporate world. When you rent a conference room, you won’t have to worry about setting up the audiovisual equipment or testing it. Additionally, the cameras won’t capture unprofessional or unflattering backdrops that can ruin the tone of your video conference.


    Dress Appropriately


    For remote attendees, it’s a common assumption that it’s acceptable to dress professionally only from the waist up. In fact, video conference attendees should know that there is a possibility they will need to stand up at some point. Wearing jogging shorts with a dress shirt and tie is not a flattering or professional look. For all attendees and the host of the conference, it’s best to wear solid, dark colors instead of brightly patterned clothing or white clothing. Ladies ought to minimize jewelry and makeup, although adding some light blush can help prevent the face from looking washed out.


    Check Your Lighting


    Lighting is a commonly overlooked component of setting a professional tone for your video conference. Use natural lighting whenever possible. However, avoid sitting directly in front of a window or other light source. The most flattering lighting angles are directed toward your front.


    Position the Cameras


    When you rent a conference room, you can rest assured that the equipment will be fully functioning and optimized for your needs, but it never hurts to check the camera angles. Ideally, you should be looking into a camera that is at about the level of your eyes. If you need to adjust your chair, do so before the conference begins.

  • Using Videoconferencing for Remote Meetings

    For busy professionals, the prospect of traveling for a meeting can be unappealing. Not only does it add extra expense, but it also wastes valuable time that could be better spent on other important matters. Instead of traveling for your next meeting, consider booking a conference room in Silicon Valley that features videoconferencing technology. Videoconferencing has rapidly increased in popularity and prevalence, with good reason.

    When you book a conference room specifically for the purpose of videoconferencing, you can rest assured that the latest technology will be in use with secure connections and in good working order. There will be no last minute fumbling to learn complicated software, and you’ll have HD Resolution with crystal clear audio. Videoconferencing is the next best thing to being there in person. You and your fellow attendees will still be able to look each other in the eye, learn from body language, and easily exchange information and ideas without the hassle of travel.

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  • Effective Strategies for Using Video Conferencing

    Video conferencing in the Bay Area offers unique advantages. It allows you to meet with other members of your team face-to-face, yet without the hassle and expense of travel. However, setting up a video conference on your own can be a confusing process. The most effective way to host a video conference is to book a conference room that offers professional set-up services and state-of-the-art equipment . In doing so, you can rest assured that your meeting won’t be hindered by technical difficulties. These video conferencing solutions allow you and your team members to focus on the task at hand, not on “patchy” audio or grainy screen resolution.

    Crystal-clear audio quality and screen resolution are particularly crucial for video conferences that include clients or prospective clients. First impressions really do matter and you need your clients to focus on what your company can do for them-not on technical glitches. As an added bonus, when you book a conference room through a court reporting agency, you’ll be able to take advantage of rapid and reliable transcription services.

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  • Choosing the Right Conference Room

    When you schedule a deposition or corporate meeting, you will need to have a conference room available to provide a professional environment and any technologies needed to facilitate a successful meeting. As you explore your options for a conference room to hold an upcoming deposition or interview in San Jose, it is important to think about the features that you’ll need in the space.

    Technology is an asset for any conference, and facilities equipped specifically for video conferencing will be essential if you are planning on having members of the team connect remotely. In addition, you will want to have features such as whiteboards, charts, Wi-Fi connectivity, televisions and monitors, and adequate seating available. The right conference room will also be conveniently located and follow ADA compliance so that it is accessible for all parties involved in the meeting. Cost-effectiveness is another consideration that can guide you to the right conference space. When you are scheduling court reporting services for your meeting, a conference room may be available free of cost for added convenience.

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  • The Productivity Benefits of Video Conferencing

    Video conferencing may be a part of your day to day business practices, because this technology has become easier to use and readily available to connect clients and colleagues from anywhere in the world. When you need video conferencing services in San Jose, you should seek the services of a professional video conferencing and court reporting company to ensure that you have the latest technologies at your fingertips.

    This video discusses more of the details of video conferencing and its potential for becoming an integrated part of your business. Many companies will overlook the benefits of video conferencing beyond its use as an internal communication tool, but there is great potential for using video to communicate with other businesses and clients as well.

    The Benefits of New Video Conferencing Technologies