• Transcript Storage Solutions for Lawyers

    Transcripts Storage by Pulone Reporting Services

    Storage of important legal documents is always a concern for lawyers. Documents have to be absolutely secure, yet also organized and easy to access. Furthermore, there needs to be adequate space to store thousands and thousands of pages of deposition transcripts, trial transcripts, and other legal documents created by court reporters serving your San Jose staff. The good news is that there could be a solution to this organizational dilemma—a repository service .

    A repository is a digital record of all of your legal documents. Once your documents are uploaded, you can access them from anywhere using a secured site. You can set up your account to give access to as many—or as few—people as necessary, including your court reporter and your employees. You’ll solve your physical storage problems and increase client security while reaping the benefits of easier research of past cases by moving your legal documents to a repository service.