Using Our Transcript Repository

Using Transcript Repository

Having your transcripts available to you any time you need them is efficient and convenient. At Pulone Reporting Services, our transcript repository makes that possible. When you use our court reporting services in the Bay Area, we digitize all of your transcripts for storage in our repository, so the information you need is never more than a few clicks away.

Our transcript repository is secure, so that only users you authorize to view your information have access. You can use the repository to keep all of your case-related information in one place, from trial transcripts to case calendars, court filings, and all communication related to specific cases. Since you can share online document access with trusted members of your team, our repository can be a convenient central place for everyone to collaborate remotely. For your more intricate cases, our complex litigation repository provides even more flexibility and document access. Talk to your court reporter about using the repository to access your documents so you can manage your case from anywhere.

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