Using Videography to Organize Your Case

Legal videography can play a powerful role in your case preparation. By syncing video to the legal transcript, case organization is easier than ever before. Here are some of the benefits of working with a legal videographer in Palo Alto when you are preparing your case.

Legal videography takes depositions to the next level, making them incredibly easy to reference and review. Professional videographers are skilled in syncing the video to the deposition transcripts, so that every clip is ready to use whenever you need it. Use the videos to pull up segments of testimony and review critical information, or simply watch the videos while you are reading the transcripts, so you can visually see each witness’ behavior and tone when providing his or her answers. You can easily edit clips to present at trial, or you can use them in the discovery process to make sharing information easier. With so many uses for legal videography, many attorneys prefer to conduct depositions with a videographer on hand.

Legal videography by Pulone Reporting Services