Then and Now: How Technology Has Changed Trial Prep and Courtroom Presentations

Today’s court reporters in Silicon Valley have much more to deal with than professional court reporters of just a few years ago. The constantly booming presence of technology in our lives and our society has changed the way courtroom presentations are held in a multitude of ways. Modern technology allows people from all over the world to communicate with ease, which can be invaluable in the courtroom. It also lets you share information accurately and efficiently, and it’s less prone to malfunctions. Feel free to continue reading to see just how technology has changed trial prep and court reporting services.

Courtroom Presentation in San Jose

Bridging the Gap

It is not always possible to have everyone you would like to be present with you in the courtroom, which has become a much easier issue to deal with, thanks to modern technology. Today’s video streaming services allow people from all over the world to communicate face to face when they can’t be together in person. This can significantly simplify things when it comes to trial preparation. When preparing for trial, you can consult professionals, conduct interviews, and gather evidence through live video. Technology keeps people more connected than ever, and this can be used to your advantage in the courtroom.

Improving Accuracy

In the past, the court reporter’s stenographic record was the only objective way to refer back to statements that were made on the record and during the trial. Today’s video and audio recording technology can also provide access to previously made statements in addition to the reporter’s official transcript. Your court reporter can also ensure that people speak in turn and one at a time to ensure that the recordings are easy to interpret, further improving accuracy.

Staying Organized

Gone are the days when attorneys would use actual slideshows and tapes to make their cases. Now there is an app for just about everything you could possibly imagine, and there are plenty apps available that can help lawyers and court reporters alike. Having all of your files on a mobile device makes them easy to pull up at a moment’s notice, which may come in handy during your presentation.