Helping Jurors Understand Technical Concepts

People who serve on a jury are not picked by hand, and they will need to understand the case in order to make a fair judgment. This can be especially tricky when it comes to specialized concepts that the average person might not understand, but video conferencing solutions near the Bay Area can be of help. Working with quality court reporting services is your best bet, as they can help ensure that everyone in the courtroom understands the point you are trying to make. Keep reading for a quick look at helping jurors understand technical concepts.

Describing specialized concepts out loud may be enough for some people, but in a court case it’s crucial that everyone adequately understands the information being presented. If you are working with information that is not familiar to most people, you might want to prepare exhibits that you can use to illustrate key concepts. Thanks to modern technology, this can include pictures, videos, and even animations. You can quickly refer back to these elements throughout the case so that everyone on the jury can refresh their memory when necessary. Helping jurors understand technical concepts is crucial when it comes to arriving at a verdict and achieving justice.

Helping jurors understand technical concepts in San Jose