• Can Board Meetings Be Legally Recorded?

    There are many advantages to recording board meetings, whether all of the attendees are present in person or the meeting utilizes video conferencing. However, is it legal to do so? Here is what you need to know about the legality of recording board meetings and video conferencing in Palo Alto, California .

    California law does allow board meetings to be recorded. Board meetings are inherently public, under the Common Interest Open Meetings Act, so there is no expectation of privacy. During a video conference, there is a reasonable expectation that the proceedings could be recorded, so there is no legal concern about recording the meeting, even if the participants were not officially notified of the recording. California law allows any proceeding to be recorded unless there is a specific reason that the conversation is protected by law. For this reason, video conferencing solutions that incorporate recording are useful ways to create records of board meetings that all participants can reference as needed in the future.

    Recording of Board meetings in San Jose

  • Tips on Conducting Remote Job Interviews

    When your firm is hiring and you want to cast your net for applicants outside of your immediate area, video conferencing offers the opportunity to interview candidates remotely, without the additional expense of travel costs. If you choose to use video conferencing in Palo Alto, California to conduct remote interviews, these tips, including using a court reporter , will help you find the right person for the job.

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    Use the Right Technology

    Before beginning a remote interview, be sure you have tested the video conferencing technology and know how to use it. It can be helpful to use a facility that offers full-service video conferencing solutions, so you can rely on access to high-quality, well-maintained equipment and have the backup of the staff to facilitate your conference. Consider using technology that allows you to share documents with the candidate at the same time you are conducting the interview, much as you would in person.

    Get Comfortable on Camera

    If you have never used video conferencing before, it can feel unnatural the first time you sit down in front of the camera. Before conducting an interview, practice holding video conversations so you become confident with the medium. Be sure to speak clearly and in the direction of the microphone to avoid miscommunications. Of course, both you and the candidate should dress as you would for any job interview.

    Consider Using a Court Reporter

    Within the context of a video conference, it can be difficult to remember what was said after the interview is over. When you use a court reporter, you can get a verbatim transcript of your exact conversation. This is especially helpful when you are interviewing multiple candidates and want to compare answers, compensation requests, and other factors. Often you can hire a court reporter from the same facility where you are conducting your video conferenced interviews. These services can go hand-in-hand, allowing you to focus on the conversation without worrying about taking extensive notes, with the confidence that you will have a precise record afterwards of the interview.

  • What Can Pulone Reporting Services Do for You?

    When you need court reporters or video conferencing in Palo Alto, California, choose Pulone Reporting Services . We have been serving the legal community for more than three decades and offer the very latest in courtroom and deposition technology with a special emphasis on customer service.

    Watch this video to learn more about Pulone Reporting Services and how we can work for you. From video depositions to digital transcription, Pulone Reporting provides Certified Shorthand Reporters who are licensed in California and who average over 20 years of reporting experience. We can help your firm take advantage of new technology to conduct the most efficient and effective depositions possible, even if tools like video conferencing, legal videography, and document digitizing are new to you. Contact us today for all of your court reporting needs and find out why the legal community has been relying on our accuracy and attention to detail for 35 years and counting.

  • Is Your Firm Using Video Conferencing Yet?

    Video conferencing technology is revolutionizing the way people do business in the legal industry and beyond. If your firm is not using video conferencing solutions in Palo Alto, California yet, you could be missing out on an important way to operate more efficiently and cut your expenses. With the right video conference partner, the benefits to your company could be significant. Here is what you need to know about getting started with video conferencing and making it work for you.

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    Getting Started

    When you’re ready to start video conferencing, instead of trying to figure it out in-house, look for an experienced partner. By choosing a video conferencing facility with the right conference rooms and technology, you don’t have to worry about investing in additional equipment or learning new software. Look for a video conferencing partner who offers high-quality video and plug-and-go solutions, as well as support to help you use the technology in the best way for your company’s needs. The legal industry in particular can benefit from choosing a firm that also specializes in legal videography, to ensure that all the proper practices are followed when videotaping is needed.

    Using Video Conferencing

    During your first video conference, it can take a little time to adjust to the format. Fortunately, it will quickly feel natural. Be sure to speak clearly and allow for slight delays in responses that can occur over the connection. It’s important for people to speak one at a time in a video conference, even more so than in person, because confusion can occur otherwise.

    Reaping the Benefits

    Video conferencing puts the world within easy reach of your business. Instead of traveling to hold meetings, conduct them via video conference and save a significant amount of money on travel expenses. They also allow attorneys to conduct depositions with out-of-town witnesses with ease, while using the court reporting services they are used to relying on. Additionally, video conferencing allows for face-to-face conversations that are more effective than emails without the inefficiencies and expenses associated with travel.