The Use of Video Depositions During Trials

Deposition technology has come a long way since the days of relying solely on a court reporter for legal transcription in Palo Alto, California. These days, many attorneys routinely arrange legal videography services in addition to court reporting. It’s even become common practice to use video depositions during trials , which can have a tremendous impact on a jury. Before you show video during a trial, however, it’s critical to make sure you’re following all of the applicable rules.

Watch this video to learn how the California Code of Civil Procedure applies to legal videography. The speaker featured here explains that you must provide written notification to the court and all parties of your intent and you must identify the parts of the deposition that you plan to show. In addition, you cannot take a segment out of context. Instead of offering just one question and answer, you must offer a few back-to-back questions and answers.