Best Practices When Working with a Court Reporter

Court reporters provide legal reporting and transcriptions of depositions and other important legal proceedings and business meetings. When working with a legal reporting service in Silicon Valley , it’s important to keep a few best practices in mind to make the reporting and transcription process easier for you and any court reporters handling your case.

Legal Reporting Service in Silicon Valley


Keep Your Court Reporter in the Loop


Your legal reporting service should be kept up to date on any changes to your schedule or the location where you plan to hold your deposition. Considering your court reporter as part of your legal or business team will ensure the reporter arrives when and where needed to begin the reporting process on schedule and make the most of your time. Additionally, let your legal reporting service know if you plan to continue the deposition after normal business hours or may need to skip meals so your reporter can plan for those conditions and arrive prepared.


Be Prepared to Provide Spellings


Court reporters provide reporting services in a variety of settings and for a range of different purposes. Even though everyone in the room may be familiar with certain legal, medical, or other field-specific knowledge and terms, your court reporter may need to ask for clarification or spellings to ensure the information discussed is recorded properly. In most cases, your professional reporter will wait for a break or until the end of the day to check this information with you, so remember to keep yourself available for questions if necessary.


Know Your Transcript Needs


Once your deposition or meeting is complete , your court reporter will ask you how many transcripts you’ll need, as well as other details such as your preferred format and delivery method. Determining your preferences ahead of time will reduce the time it takes to hold this discussion. This ensures receipt of exactly the documents you need for the greatest efficiency without prolonging the amount of time you or your professional reporter are kept from other important commitments after your deposition has concluded.

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