Developing a Professional Look for Your Video Conference

When hosting a video conference in the Bay Area, it’s essential to maintain a professional look throughout the event. Many people who are hosting a video conference for the first time make the mistake of treating it like an informal event. In fact, it’s best to pretend that everyone is in the same room and can see what all of the other attendees are doing at any given time. It’s particularly important to look and act professionally when you’re conducting a video conference deposition.

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Choose a Conference Room


If you’re putting together a remote deposition, then renting a conference room is a must. However, a conference room rental also makes sense in the corporate world. When you rent a conference room, you won’t have to worry about setting up the audiovisual equipment or testing it. Additionally, the cameras won’t capture unprofessional or unflattering backdrops that can ruin the tone of your video conference.


Dress Appropriately


For remote attendees, it’s a common assumption that it’s acceptable to dress professionally only from the waist up. In fact, video conference attendees should know that there is a possibility they will need to stand up at some point. Wearing jogging shorts with a dress shirt and tie is not a flattering or professional look. For all attendees and the host of the conference, it’s best to wear solid, dark colors instead of brightly patterned clothing or white clothing. Ladies ought to minimize jewelry and makeup, although adding some light blush can help prevent the face from looking washed out.


Check Your Lighting


Lighting is a commonly overlooked component of setting a professional tone for your video conference. Use natural lighting whenever possible. However, avoid sitting directly in front of a window or other light source. The most flattering lighting angles are directed toward your front.


Position the Cameras


When you rent a conference room, you can rest assured that the equipment will be fully functioning and optimized for your needs, but it never hurts to check the camera angles. Ideally, you should be looking into a camera that is at about the level of your eyes. If you need to adjust your chair, do so before the conference begins.

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