Videography Services from Pulone Reporting


At Pulone Court Reporting, our experienced court reporters offer legal videography in San Jose that allows you to supplement your written legal transcriptions with synced video feeds. A digital court video recording can be quickly accessed, edited, and shared with anyone on your legal team. We can securely store your court video recording in your firm’s online transcript repository, so that it can be accessed remotely on any authorized computer.

When you use our legal videography services, one of legal videography and production experts will make sure that your court video recording is synced to your legal transcription. This will allow you to organize your case more efficiently, quickly access critical information, and view your legal transcription and court video recording simultaneously.

Having access to a court video recording is invaluable in the rare case that someone alleges that there is a discrepancy between what was said in a court proceeding, and what is printed in the legal transcription. It’s incredibly easy to verify the accuracy of the legal transcription by simply watching your court video recording.

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