Remote Participation Depositions: Ensuring Easy Participation

When you are taking part in a remote deposition, how can you ensure that all parties can participate seamlessly and without any gaps in communication? As part of court reporting services, many companies provide access to technology, such as legal videography in the Bay Area to help you get the job done. Here is a closer look at remote depositions and how to make them work for you.

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Remote Deposition Basics


Remote depositions allow you to easily depose witnesses no matter where they are located, without the extra expenses of travel and accommodation costs. This process lets you depose witnesses internationally who can’t travel to you or down the street, or who simply have a time conflict. While the ability to depose people remotely is convenient, it is essential for the technology to work correctly to ensure the upmost security and best user experience. The technology must also be reliable enough for your court reporter to accurately create a record of the deposition.


Video Streaming


Video streaming allows for one-way interaction during a remote deposition. With video streaming, someone who cannot be at the deposition can view it happening in real time, but he or she cannot communicate with the participants via the video connection. Streaming is an ideal solution for someone like a partner attorney who cannot be present at the deposition but still wants to hear what is being said during the process.


Video Conferencing


Video conferencing is similar to web chat applications. With a video conference room, all of the participants can communicate during the deposition simply by talking, and they can see and respond to each other in real time. The most crucial component of video conferencing during depositions is security, which is why working with your court reporters to set up appropriate video conferencing solutions for the legal industry is essential. Your court reporting company can help you find video conferencing technology that prevents hackers from infiltrating your meeting.