The Impact of the iPhone on Court Reporting

Living in Silicon Valley, it is clear to see how technology has made an impact on daily life for any individual. Within the legal industry, technology has completely transformed the profession of court reporting, which is an essential part of the process for courtroom hearings, depositions, interviews, and corporate meetings. Therefore, you will want to know that the company your choose for court reporting services in San Jose is up-to-date with the latest industry technologies to streamline the process of conferencing and reporting in any legal setting. Below, you can see how the iPhone has impacted court reporting in the modern age.

iphone - court - meetings

Increased flexibility and connectivity

Because iPhones and other smartphones have made it possible for anyone to have a computing device right in his or her pocket, an attorney or client can be reached from virtually anywhere in the world. That means that there is greater flexibility in scheduling meetings and court dates that might otherwise be difficult to coordinate in person.

An explosion of available technologies

With the advent of the iPhone has come a whirlwind of apps, competing technologies, and videoconferencing tools. This wide range of available technologies has created an expectation from clients that a seamless videoconferencing experience will be made available across all different platforms. By choosing an experienced and tech-savvy court reporting service, you can find the right solutions to integrate into technologies that you have readily available, including your iPhone.

Meetings on demand

Not only does the iPhone allow conference participants to call in from any location, but it has also created the real-time availability of court reporting transcripts. This can add convenience for attorneys sitting in on depositions with functions like pausing the feed, highlighting important sections, and creating notes on relevant lines. These functions allow for on-demand meetings, which may streamline a case in which various parties are not able to be in the same location.

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