How to Get the Most Out of Video Conferencing Meetings

Video conferencing is an efficient way to conduct meetings with people in other locations without the time and expense required for travel. However, video conferencing can be even more ineffective than in-person meetings without a strategy to make the most of your time. When you plan a video conference in San Jose, CA, you should work with the technology provider to ensure your meeting goes smoothly. These tips will also help you plan a successful video conferencing meeting.

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Master Your Technology


Don’t wait until your video conference begins to figure out how use the technology. Do a trial run before the meeting to correct any issues with mics and cameras, and so that you are ready to jump right in at the start time. Encourage your meeting participants to also experiment with the technology so that you don’t waste meeting time on figuring out the quirks. If you’re doing a deposition in which someone will be going into a remote location who isn’t familiar with the space, make sure someone is available on the other end to help them get set up.


Explain Access


During a video conference, it is always a good idea to assume that people other than those to whom you are speaking may be able to hear you. However, be clear with all attendees at meetings you host about who is able to hear them and whether or not they will be recorded. This kind of information is especially important during a deposition or other legal process, since the information may be sensitive.


Prepare Yourself


Preparation is critical in any meeting and is especially important when you are video conferencing. In addition to planning what you need to say or ask during the meeting, get ready to spend time working without interruptions. This means simple things like turning off your phone and finishing your snack before the conference. Standard conference room meeting etiquette rules still apply, even if the interaction is happening remotely.

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