• The Importance of Meeting Minutes

    Long before you arrive at the conference room near San Jose, CA, for your corporate meeting, you should have arranged for court reporting services , video conferencing, interpreter services, and similar services. Having court reporters present to take the minutes gives you the luxury of paying attention to the meeting itself, rather than recording it.

    As you’ll learn when you watch this video, having accurate and complete meeting minutes is essential for both legal and practical purposes. From a legal standpoint, minutes provide invaluable documentation that you may need to share with auditors or the IRS. Additionally, meeting minutes can serve as the foundation of decisions that affect the future of the company.

    Business Management Tips : Purpose of Meeting Minutes

  • Choosing the Right Conference Room

    When you schedule a deposition or corporate meeting, you will need to have a conference room available to provide a professional environment and any technologies needed to facilitate a successful meeting. As you explore your options for a conference room to hold an upcoming deposition or interview in San Jose, it is important to think about the features that you’ll need in the space.

    Technology is an asset for any conference, and facilities equipped specifically for video conferencing will be essential if you are planning on having members of the team connect remotely. In addition, you will want to have features such as whiteboards, charts, Wi-Fi connectivity, televisions and monitors, and adequate seating available. The right conference room will also be conveniently located and follow ADA compliance so that it is accessible for all parties involved in the meeting. Cost-effectiveness is another consideration that can guide you to the right conference space. When you are scheduling court reporting services for your meeting, a conference room may be available free of cost for added convenience.

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  • Using Videography in Your Legal Business

    The legal profession is increasingly relying on legal videography to supplement their transcripts. Videography can be used in depositions, trial preparation, and in the courtroom with court reporters. To maximize the benefits of legal videography in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley , hire an experienced team with expertise in creating videos for the legal profession.

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    Videography is useful in the legal field in a number of different ways. Cueing up the video to run while reviewing court transcripts ensures pinpoint accuracy. You can also set videos up to important moments to help when preparing for court presentations. Use videography to easily organize your case, edit clips, and otherwise review witness testimony and evidence. By working with a court reporter, you can also use a video to create transcripts, critique interpreting done during depositions, and otherwise review your case.

    When using videography, ensure that all participants know that they are being recorded. By working with an experienced videography service, you can be confident you’re adhering to the correct legal protocols.

  • The Impact of the iPhone on Court Reporting

    Living in Silicon Valley, it is clear to see how technology has made an impact on daily life for any individual. Within the legal industry, technology has completely transformed the profession of court reporting, which is an essential part of the process for courtroom hearings, depositions, interviews, and corporate meetings. Therefore, you will want to know that the company your choose for court reporting services in San Jose is up-to-date with the latest industry technologies to streamline the process of conferencing and reporting in any legal setting. Below, you can see how the iPhone has impacted court reporting in the modern age.

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    Increased flexibility and connectivity


    Because iPhones and other smartphones have made it possible for anyone to have a computing device right in his or her pocket, an attorney or client can be reached from virtually anywhere in the world. That means that there is greater flexibility in scheduling meetings and court dates that might otherwise be difficult to coordinate in person.


    An explosion of available technologies


    With the advent of the iPhone has come a whirlwind of apps, competing technologies, and videoconferencing tools. This wide range of available technologies has created an expectation from clients that a seamless videoconferencing experience will be made available across all different platforms. By choosing an experienced and tech-savvy court reporting service, you can find the right solutions to integrate into technologies that you have readily available, including your iPhone.


    Meetings on demand


    Not only does the iPhone allow conference participants to call in from any location, but it has also created the real-time availability of court reporting transcripts. This can add convenience for attorneys sitting in on depositions with functions like pausing the feed, highlighting important sections, and creating notes on relevant lines. These functions allow for on-demand meetings, which may streamline a case in which various parties are not able to be in the same location.

  • How to Get the Most Out of Video Conferencing Meetings

    Video conferencing is an efficient way to conduct meetings with people in other locations without the time and expense required for travel. However, video conferencing can be even more ineffective than in-person meetings without a strategy to make the most of your time. When you plan a video conference in San Jose, CA, you should work with the technology provider to ensure your meeting goes smoothly. These tips will also help you plan a successful video conferencing meeting.

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    Master Your Technology


    Don’t wait until your video conference begins to figure out how use the technology. Do a trial run before the meeting to correct any issues with mics and cameras, and so that you are ready to jump right in at the start time. Encourage your meeting participants to also experiment with the technology so that you don’t waste meeting time on figuring out the quirks. If you’re doing a deposition in which someone will be going into a remote location who isn’t familiar with the space, make sure someone is available on the other end to help them get set up.


    Explain Access


    During a video conference, it is always a good idea to assume that people other than those to whom you are speaking may be able to hear you. However, be clear with all attendees at meetings you host about who is able to hear them and whether or not they will be recorded. This kind of information is especially important during a deposition or other legal process, since the information may be sensitive.


    Prepare Yourself


    Preparation is critical in any meeting and is especially important when you are video conferencing. In addition to planning what you need to say or ask during the meeting, get ready to spend time working without interruptions. This means simple things like turning off your phone and finishing your snack before the conference. Standard conference room meeting etiquette rules still apply, even if the interaction is happening remotely.