Reasons Court Reporters Are Hired Outside of the Courtroom

Court reporters are tasked with the duties of legal transcription. The most common services a professional court reporter provides include the recording of statements and discussions during legal proceedings, depositions, and meetings. There are several reasons you may require the services of a professional court reporter outside the courtroom; your legal reporting service near San Jose, CA , can provide you with an experienced professional reporter for all your business and legal needs.

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Interviewing a new candidate for an important position within your business may require a lengthy discussion involving detailed questions and answers. Hiring a professional court reporter to transcribe your interview allows you to focus all your attention on the interview and the candidate’s reactions as they are happening, rather than requiring you to split your mental focus by taking notes on your own. The document provided by your court reporter allows you to review your candidate’s complete and accurate answers at any later time for more effective evaluation and comparison with other candidates during this process.




Court reporters can also play a valuable role during business and legal meetings. The methods used for legal transcription allow a professional reporter to record all statements and information quickly and accurately for later review, ensuring the information discussed is noted in an organized and unbiased fashion. Rather than waiting one or more days for the transcript of your meeting, your professional court reporter can often provide a complete record of all statements made in a matter of hours. Court reporters can even serve as mediators during a meeting or conference by requesting that individuals repeat their words or speak one at a time for a more productive conversation.




Depositions are legal statements recorded outside the courtroom for later submission as evidence. A deposition must be recorded by a professional court reporter, who will not only provide legal transcription of the statements given by the witness, but also administer an oath to ensure all testimony is truthful. Furthermore, your court reporter can quickly find and read back sections of earlier testimony during the deposition at any time.

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