Exploring the Rules of Deposition Preparation

A deposition is a report that serves as evidence during a trial or other legal proceedings. Because a deposition is typically recorded outside of a courtroom for submission at a later time, this process requires legal transcription in San Jose, CA, to ensure proper procedures are followed so the deposition is viable for use in court. Professional court reporters serve an important purpose during a deposition, acting to both both administer an oath or affirmation before information is recorded, as well as to record any statements made via stenography to provide a verbatim record of the proceedings.

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Determining Deposition Necessity


Before scheduling a deposition, it is important to determine whether the deposition itself is necessary. Depositions are meant to provide factual information relating to a legal case and are most often given by either a witness who cannot attend the trial or an expert in a field that relates to a question brought up by the circumstances of a case. A deposition may not be necessary if there are other legal options for submitting the same information in court; however, if you do determine that a deposition is needed, it is important to request legal transcription to ensure the final statements you receive are admissible in the courtroom.


Understanding the Deposition Process


There are several legal requirements surrounding the deposition process. It’s essential to understand the requirements you must follow, as well as the information you seek to gain from the deposition itself. The best way to record a deposition that is factual and relevant to your case is to prepare several simple, straightforward questions for the deponent. During questioning, allow your deponent to answer fully without interruption, then ask for clarification if it is needed to ensure all statements are clear and can be understood easily by the jury. Court reporters are necessary during the deposition process to record statements accurately and administer an oath to ensure all testimony is accurate and truthful, so contact your legal reporting service well in advance to schedule legal transcription services during your deposition.

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