Tips for Incorporating Remote Participants into Your Next Deposition

If you’re setting up a deposition that includes participants in different cities, states, or even countries, you should take advantage of videoconferencing solutions near San Jose, CA . Videoconferencing allows you to include any number of remote participants in your deposition, regardless of where they are at the time of the deposition. Here are some tips for incorporating remote participants into your next deposition.


Find a Court Reporter with Remote Deposition Experience

Before you set up a remote deposition, you’ll need to find a court reporting service that has experience handling remote depositions. Your court reporter will need to have legal transcription equipment that can connect to a laptop and a reliable internet connection. You may also want to choose a court reporting service that can provide legal videography to record the witness who is being deposed. When your court reporter provides you with your copy of the legal transcription of the deposition, he may even be able to sync the written transcription with the deposition video for ease of use.

Make Sure All Attendees Understand Videoconferencing Technology

In order to ensure that your deposition runs smoothly for all attendees, you’ll have to make sure that they all understand how to use the videoconferencing technology. You can send out an email ahead of time with step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use the computer, webcam, speakers, telephone, and any other videoconferencing technology that is being used. Send the email out in enough time before the deposition so that attendees have time to ask questions and make sure that their equipment works properly.

Find a Conference Room Rental That Offers Videoconferencing Solutions

If your office doesn’t have the appropriate technology for a videoconference deposition, you can find a conference room rental that does. A conference room rental will provide state of the art computers, HD televisions, and monitors that will ensure that your video and audio feed are crystal clear for all deposition participants. You will also have the use of incredibly fast Wi-Fi and T1 connections and on-site tech support.

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