Should You Consider Video Depositions?

Court reporters who provide legal videography in San Jose are incredibly valuable to attorneys who want to hold video depositions. A video deposition is a useful way to maintain the most accurate and fair record of a witness’ testimony during a deposition. Video depositions are much easier for jurors to focus on, and they also provide richer detail to and a more striking connection with the jury.

A video deposition is also useful if a witness won’t be available to testify at trial. This is often the case with expert witnesses, who have busy schedules or who may not live in the city in which the trial will take place. A court reporter who specializes in legal videography will provide an official legal transcription and video recording of the deposition proceedings for use at trial.

Another important use of video depositions is for reference when building your case. It is often easier to determine whether you should use a particular witness at trial if you have a recorded video of their testimony. It also makes it easier to prepare for your direct examination of your witness, or anticipate what the opposing counsel’s cross-examination will entail.

Legal videography in San Jose

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