How Text Streaming Can Be Used for Court Reporting

To remain competitive in the legal field, it’s increasingly important to utilize court reporting services near San Jose that are more advanced, more efficient, and that can save you time and money. Text streaming is a timesaving court reporting service that allows you to access a live stream of a deposition or court proceeding from a remote computer. If you’re interested in streamlining your court reporting and legal transcription process, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of text streaming.

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Access and Watch a Live Feed of Court Proceeding

Text streaming is the translation of a court reporter’s legal transcription from her stenotype machine into text form on a computer, as it is being typed. An attorney, paralegal, or co-counsel can access and watch a live feed of a court proceeding directly from his or her computer without having to attend the event in person. Text streaming is compatible with all realtime software products, so it’s easy to make it work with your firm’s needs.

Stream Text Without Using the Internet

You can access text streaming in real time without using an internet connection. A court reporter can send text streaming of a court proceeding to your LAN or Wi-Fi network, and you can authorize access to anyone who needs to view the legal transcription. Anyone who is on the same network that you are can access a live feed by using your IP address and password that you set up. This secure system prevents anyone from accessing your text streaming without your knowledge or permission.

Save Time and Money and Improve Efficiency

Because you won’t have to spend time and money traveling to depositions and court proceedings, your firm’s efficiency will be dramatically improved. You can schedule multiple depositions in one day, or schedule a deposition in any location at any time of the day, without worrying about missing valuable work to attend them in person. This will increase your billable hours and allow you more time to prepare for your court proceedings.

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