• What You Need to Know About Hiring a Court Reporter

    Professional Court Reporting Service in San Jose, CA

    When you need a professional court reporter, legal videographer, or court interpreter for an upcoming deposition, you’ll want to be able to quickly find a reputable professional court reporting service in San Jose, CA that will meet your deposition needs. A professional court reporting service should be able to provide advanced technology, like video conferencing and teleconferencing, that will ensure your deposition runs smoothly for all participants. Here are some great tips on what to look for when you’re hiring a court reporter.


    Verify the Company’s Experience and Qualifications


    A reputable court reporting services company will have years of experience providing court reporters, court interpreters, and legal transcription services in your state. When choosing a court reporting company, make sure they’ve been in business in your state for at least 10 years to ensure that they are incredibly familiar with your state’s court reporting regulations and requirements, court proceedings, and crucial deadlines.



    Confirm That They Offer Advanced Technology Solutions


    The best court reporting services companies offer their clients access to advanced technology solutions. This includes teleconferencing and video conferencing solutions, legal videography, and the use of a high tech conference room rental that is fully equipped to handle your technology needs. These advanced technology solutions allow you to hold an important client meeting or deposition with attendees that are out of state or simply can’t appear in person. These court reporting services will also save your firm time, money, and stress.



    Find Out if They Offer Guaranteed Turnaround Times


    Court reporters typically offer completely accurate legal transcription services, and may also provide document digitizing and a transcript repository. When comparing professional court reporting services companies, ask each one what their guaranteed turnaround time is for confirming the availability of one of their court reporters, court interpreters, or legal videographers for a deposition date. Also, ask about their guaranteed turnaround time for finalized legal transcriptions and legal videos. It’s also important to find out if they offer rush services, and if so, how much they cost.

  • A Look at Our Services for Law Firms

    Court Reporting Services in San Jose, CA

    At Pulone Reporting Services, we provide law firms with fast, reliable, and professional court reporting services in San Jose, CA . Our certified court reporters, court interpreters, and legal transcriptionists have an average of 20 years of experience in the court reporting industry; some even have over 30 years of experience. Our entire staff understands the importance of accuracy and speed when handling your firm’s scheduling requests for deposition court reporters, or when providing legal transcription services. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to each one of our local, national, and international clients.

    We provide experienced, professional court reporters to law firms for depositions, arbitrations, mediations, trials, hearings, sworn statements, legal interviews, video-conferenced meetings, legal workshops, independent medical exams, orders of examination, and mock depositions, hearings, and trials.

    Our court reporters and legal transcriptionists can meet any deadline necessary for the delivery of your legal transcriptions and video or audio files. We offer a wide range of file types and formats for document digitizing, and can also provide hard copies of documents, or we can copy your documents, video files, and audio files to CD or DVD.

  • How Court Reporting Works

    If you’re an attorney, legal assistant, or paralegal, you have a lot of familiarity with using professional court reporting services for your depositions, hearings, and meetings. You may not be familiar with how the equipment used by court reporters works, however. Court reporters in San Jose, CA typically use stenograph machines or court reporting machines to precisely and accurately record everything, so they can later provide the law firm with a legal transcription of the proceedings.

    Watch this video for an interesting glimpse into the unique skills and training needed to use professional court reporting machines and stenograph machines. You’ll get a quick explanation of the shorthand employed by court reporters when typing legal transcriptions. Some professional court reporters also used advanced technology to provide teleconferencing and video conferencing services for law firms.

    How Court Reporting Works