What Do Legal Transcriptionists Do?

Legal transcription is an important element of the legal field. Legal transcriptionists are hired to transcribe any auto dictation created in legal cases. Legal transcriptionists must have strong typing abilities as well as an in-depth knowledge of shorthand terminology that enables them to translate the audio recordings into coherent print.

What Do Legal Transcriptionists Do? | San Jose

Legal audio dictation can include hearings, interviews, depositions, and verbal and written notes. The legal transcriptionist goes through the documents and types them up into one easy-to-read document. While court reporters take notes of interactions that are happening in real time, legal transcriptionists type of information that has been previously recorded. They can often do the job from home.

If you work in the legal field, it is important to find a reputable and skilled legal transcriptionist to help you stay organized. Legal transcription in San Jose helps you keep track of all of the information in your cases so you can be more effective at your job.

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