How Businesses Can Use Court Reporters

People often think that court reporters are only hired to take notes in the courtroom. But there are many other legitimate uses for court reporters in San Jose —especially in business dealings. Businesses have frequently hired our court reporters for a range of business meetings and conferences. In this article we will briefly discuss how businesses can benefit from court reporting services.

How Businesses Can Use Court Reporters in San Jose

With a wide range of language skills, our court reporters at Pulone Reporting Services have been helpful in a large variety of business settings. Arbitrations and board and shareholder meetings are some of the most common business meetings for which we are hired. We have years of experience providing court reporting services for interviews, workshops, webinars, and video conferences as well. We offer conference facilities, videography, interpretation services, translation, transcription, notarial services, and even catering services. If you need to access our transcripts, video, or audio files on the go, we offer a 24/7 access-online repository that can be accessed from any type of device. Our services have helped provide businesses with documents that chart progress, set direction, and serve as legal protection.

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