Avoid These Common Videoconferencing Mistakes

Video conferencing is a very popular way to hold business meetings these days, especially when communicating with international clients and business partners. But if you are video conferencing in San Jose , it’s important to know some of the mistakes that people often make. Watch this video clip to learn about the common videoconferencing mistakes, and remember that you can avoid these mistakes by using the video conferencing facilities at Pulone Reporting Services.

Avoid logging in late; it’s better to log in slightly early instead. Another mistake is not being aware of your surroundings; people, objects, noises, and poor lighting can be distracting to both you and the person you are chatting with. Be sure to maintain the proper posture and dress code during the video conference, and never treat the video conferencing screen as a mirror. Lastly, if you aren’t speaking, don’t forget to use the mute button.

Top Video Conferencing Tips

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