Learn the Rules of Videoconferencing Etiquette

Video conferencing solutions help you conduct business across long distances. If you are going to take advantage of video conferring services, it is important to use them properly. Keep reading to learn about the rules of videoconferencing etiquette:

Treat it Like an Actual Meeting

Just because you are meeting virtually does not mean you should act anything less than professional. Arrive to the meeting room on time and be courteous to your fellow attendees. You should all take the time to introduce yourselves as the meeting starts. Make sure your phone is set to vibrate or silent and do not answer any emails or text messages during the meeting.

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Speak Clearly

Even with quality audio/visual equipment, you should make an effort to speak clearly so that everyone can understand what you are saying. Speak slowly and be sure you cover your material before the meeting starts so you feel comfortable with your topics of conversation. Try not to shout, though, because the sound will come out even louder to the other people at the videoconference. You should also refrain from having side conversations during the meeting because other participants can hear the background noises.

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

Since you are on a videoconference, the other participants can see what you do. Try to avoid moving your hands or your head too much as you speak. You should also make an effort to make eye contact with your audience, which means you should look directly into the camera as you speak.

Dress Professionally

You should adhere to your company’s dress code for the videoconference. Do not wear anything that is too casual or too revealing. Try to avoid really bright colors, stripes, or loud patterns that might not translate well over the video screen. Aim for lighter colored shirts.

Video conferencing solutions in San Jose make it easier to conduct business on a large scale. With the right equipment and the proper etiquette, you can use videoconferencing solutions to optimize the potential of your business.

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