Tips for Making Your Video Conferencing Meetings More Successful

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Video conferencing is a win-win for businesses. It allows for closer collaboration between team members without the expense of travel costs usually required to bring everyone together. However, when not managed properly, video conferencing can actually become an impediment to progress in your meeting instead of an efficient tool. Make your next video conference in San Jose more successful with these tips.


Understand Your Video Conference System


Video conferencing systems don’t have to be complicated, but even the simplest system will send you for a loop if you don’t spend a little time mastering it before your meeting . Do a dry run with all of the tools you’ll need, and make sure you know how to switch between graphics and feeds so that you can make effortless transitions during the meeting. If you’re working in an outside conference room, ask the hosts to give you a tutorial on the system so you’re ready to go.


Stick to Your Schedule


Tips for Making Your Video Conferencing Meetings

Like live meetings, video conferencing meetings should have an agenda that you follow closely. Resist the urge to treat a video conference as more casual than a face-to-face meeting, and follow the same protocols you normally would. Take minutes—a court reporter can help you keep an accurate record—and use rules of order to manage time. Your schedule will keep you on track and keep the meeting reigned in.


Maximize Camera Usage


Camera angles are essential to consider for a video conferencing meeting. Cameras should be trained on speakers directly and shouldn’t include any distracting backgrounds in the view. Using high-quality cameras is important for achieving the best results. All cameras should be tested before the conference begins to avoid any delays associated with picture problems. It’s also a good idea to test audio and make sure everyone knows how to use the mute function to minimize background noise.