How a Court Reporter Could Help Your Business

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Court reporters aren’t restricted to working at a courthouse. The same skills that make a court reporter valuable during a trial, such as fast typing and knowledge of stenography, also make court reporters useful in business settings. Here’s a look at a few of the many ways San Jose court reporters can help you with your business needs.


Board Meetings


What is said during board meetings can have a tremendous impact on your business’ direction, but how many people really remember specifics or have notes reliable enough to count on? Instead of risking misunderstandings of important points or forgetting a major facet of the discussion, bring in a court reporter who will create accurate minutes. A court reporter won’t miss a word of the meeting and will create a final document that everyone on the board can have as a reference.



Corporate Meetings


Corporate Meetings at San Jose

As with board meetings, accurate records of corporate meetings can be extremely important. With a court reporter on hand to transcribe the meeting, all decisions and discussions will be documented so that they cannot be disputed later. Transcripts of corporate meetings are ideal both as references for those leading the meeting and as documentation of what was shared with employees. Meeting transcripts can be especially helpful for videoconferencing meetings in which long-distance attendees may miss important points.




When you’re screening a long list of job applicants, it’s not always possible to be as thorough with your notes as you would like. It’s common to wish you could remember what a specific candidate had to say about a particular question. By having a court reporter present for interviews, you will have a record that lets you go back and find the information you need, so you can be confident that you’re hiring the right candidate.


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