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Embracing Technology in the Legal Field

At some law schools, it's possible to take coursework in emerging fields like the laws of robotics and space travel. It's going to be a long time before interstellar personal injury claims are ...
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Using Videography to Organize Your Case

Legal videography can play a powerful role in your case preparation. By syncing video to the legal transcript, case organization is easier than ever before. Here are some of the benefits of working ...
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Setting Up and Using a "War Room"

When you are preparing for a trial, especially if you plan on using technology when making your case, a war room can be an essential part of your success. Choose a conference room rental that is ...
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Common Questions About Legal Videography

Legal videography plays an important role in presenting evidence in court, particularly from deposition testimony. If you are considering using legal videography in the Bay Area as part of your case ...
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Videography Services from Pulone Reporting

At Pulone Court Reporting, our experienced court reporters offer legal videography in San Jose that allows you to supplement your written legal transcriptions with synced video feeds. A digital court ...
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The Changing Role of Technology in Court Reporting

Even if you have never set foot in a courtroom, you're probably familiar with the iconic image of a professional court reporter, thanks to TV shows and movies. Court reporters meet a crucial need ...
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Remote Participation Depositions: Ensuring Easy Participation

When you are taking part in a remote deposition, how can you ensure that all parties can participate seamlessly and without any gaps in communication? As part of court reporting services, many ...
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Using Videography in Your Legal Business

The legal profession is increasingly relying on legal videography to supplement their transcripts. Videography can be used in depositions, trial preparation, and in the courtroom with court reporters. ...
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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Videographer?

To create the most accurate, easily reviewable records possible for your depositions, consider pairing a court reporter with a professional videographer. By developing a record that has audio, video, ...
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