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Embracing Technology in the Legal Field

At some law schools, it's possible to take coursework in emerging fields like the laws of robotics and space travel. It's going to be a long time before interstellar personal injury claims are ...
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Hear What a Judge Thinks About High-Tech Courtrooms

Court reporters in the Bay Area support technological advancements like real-time reporting. Incorporating modern technology into courtrooms is beneficial for judges, attorneys, and the public. You ...
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Should You Hold a Remote Deposition?

Remote depositions conducted via video conferencing tools have many benefits for attorneys and clients alike. If you're considering using video conferencing in the Bay Area to conduct a remote ...
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Is Your Conference Room ADA-Compliant?

When choosing a conference room for your video conference or deposition, one thing to consider about the space is whether it meets ADA guidelines. When you're hiring a video conferencing company ...
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Get the Answers to Your Questions About Video Conferences

Video conferences are changing the way people do business. From lawyers using video conferences for depositions to companies using video conferences instead of hosting business trips, video is ...
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Tips for Professional Video Conferences

Video conferencing might mean you aren't in the same room as the other meeting participants, but it doesn't mean that it is any more casual than a face-to-face meeting. Before your video ...
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Mistakes to Avoid When Working with an Interpreter

When you need interpreter services for your deposition, it's important to avoid certain mistakes that could leave the reliability of the legal transcript in doubt. If you are working with an ...
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The Role of the Court Reporter in the Corporate Setting

Court reporting services aren't just needed in legal depositions and courtroom cases. There are several ways in which having a certified shorthand reporter can also be helpful in the corporate ...
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Top Mistakes to Avoid in Your Video Conference

Video conferencing is a very effective way to cut the costs of out-of-town depositions by allowing you to meet and participate remotely. A court reporter can provide a legal transcription of the video ...
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Crucial Questions to Ask During a Deposition

Every deposition is different, but there is some critical information that you will want on in the transcript, no matter who is testifying. As you focus on crafting your questions for your deposition, ...
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Behind the Scenes of a Successful Video Conference

No matter what subject your video conference in Palo Alto, California is about, the same components should always be involved. Since you won't all be in the same conference room in person, there ...
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Common Questions Clients Have About Discovery

Discovery is the investigative phase of preparing for a lawsuit. It takes place before a trial begins and outside of the courtroom, usually involving depositions that can occur face-to-face or ...
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What Can Pulone Reporting Services Do for You?

When you need court reporters or video conferencing in Palo Alto, California, choose Pulone Reporting Services. We have been serving the legal community for more than three decades and offer the very ...
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The Savvy Witness's Guide to Preparing for a Video Deposition

Facing a video deposition can be nerve wracking, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Before you face the video conferencing screen, the court reporters, and the attorneys, take some time to ...
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The Use of Video Depositions During Trials

Deposition technology has come a long way since the days of relying solely on a court reporter for legal transcription in Palo Alto, California. These days, many attorneys routinely arrange legal ...
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A Look at Video Conferencing in the Arbitration Field

Video conferencing has proven to be quite useful in the legal field. Attorneys often use video conferencing near Palo Alto, California to depose remote witnesses and keep in touch with colleagues and ...
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How Court Reporting Machines Work

The first question many people have when they see court reporters in action is how they manage to type so fast. The secret is in the court reporting machine. When you hire a court reporter in Palo ...
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Tips for Speaking Through an Interpreter

Whether you need an interpreter in Palo Alto, California, for your business or for a legal proceeding, there are a few strategies to keep in mind to ensure that the translation is as simple and ...
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A Look at Pulone Reporting Services

When you're in need of professional court reporting near Palo Alto, California, Pulone Reporting Services has the skilled team you need to get the job done. Watch this video to learn more about ...
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Preparing Your Witness for a Video Deposition

Videoconferencing and video recording technology have made communication easier and faster than ever before. Today, testimony may be recorded via video for later submission during a court case, along ...
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Strategies for Success in Depositions

During a deposition, witness testimony is recorded by a professional court reporter. This process takes place outside the courtroom, typically in an office or conference room, and ensures that witness ...
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Can an Interpreting Service Boost Your Bottom Line?

In the corporate world, communication is king. Expanding your company overseas might seem like a smart move, but if your executives can't communicate clearly with their points of contact abroad, ...
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Why Technology Can't Replace Court Reporters

The professional court reporter has long been an indispensable fixture in modern courtrooms, but some have raised concerns that court reporters in San Jose and across the country may soon be replaced ...
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Using Videoconferencing for Remote Meetings

For busy professionals, the prospect of traveling for a meeting can be unappealing. Not only does it add extra expense, but it also wastes valuable time that could be better spent on other important ...
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Videography Services from Pulone Reporting

At Pulone Court Reporting, our experienced court reporters offer legal videography in San Jose that allows you to supplement your written legal transcriptions with synced video feeds. A digital court ...
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