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FAQs About Using Documents During Remote Depositions

Conducting remote depositions via video conference, you can save a great deal of time and money. However, there are some challenges in remote depositions that don’t exist for in-person meetings. ...
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Making a Good Impression on Camera

Video conferencing is being used with greater frequency, as it's convenient and allows professionals to cut down on time spent traveling. Perhaps the most effective way to make a great impression ...
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Embracing Technology in the Legal Field

At some law schools, it's possible to take coursework in emerging fields like the laws of robotics and space travel. It's going to be a long time before interstellar personal injury claims are ...
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Hear What a Judge Thinks About High-Tech Courtrooms

Court reporters in the Bay Area support technological advancements like real-time reporting. Incorporating modern technology into courtrooms is beneficial for judges, attorneys, and the public. You ...
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Essential Features to Look for in a Conference Room

When you choose a conference room for a deposition, ensuring that it has the features you need in advance will help you avoid needless delays. Your court reporter in the Bay Area will be able to ...
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Hosting a Video Conference? Avoid These Etiquette Mistakes

Video conferencing makes it easier than ever to host remote depositions and conduct business across borders without travel costs. To get the most from your video conference, however, there are certain ...
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Deposition Corrections 101

When a deponent wants to change his or her deposition testimony from what the transcript reflects, there are several factors to consider. Although changing the testimony is per California law, doing ...
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Is Your Conference Room ADA-Compliant?

When choosing a conference room for your video conference or deposition, one thing to consider about the space is whether it meets ADA guidelines. When you're hiring a video conferencing company ...
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Using Videography to Organize Your Case

Legal videography can play a powerful role in your case preparation. By syncing video to the legal transcript, case organization is easier than ever before. Here are some of the benefits of working ...
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Top Mistakes to Avoid in Your Video Conference

Video conferencing is a very effective way to cut the costs of out-of-town depositions by allowing you to meet and participate remotely. A court reporter can provide a legal transcription of the video ...
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Behind the Scenes of a Successful Video Conference

No matter what subject your video conference in Palo Alto, California is about, the same components should always be involved. Since you won't all be in the same conference room in person, there ...
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Legal Videography: Myths and Realities

Videography can be a powerful tool both in and out of the courtroom, especially when it is paired with other services like court reporting and legal transcription. However, there are some common ...
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What Can Pulone Reporting Services Do for You?

When you need court reporters or video conferencing in Palo Alto, California, choose Pulone Reporting Services. We have been serving the legal community for more than three decades and offer the very ...
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Common Questions About Legal Videography

Legal videography plays an important role in presenting evidence in court, particularly from deposition testimony. If you are considering using legal videography in the Bay Area as part of your case ...
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The Use of Video Depositions During Trials

Deposition technology has come a long way since the days of relying solely on a court reporter for legal transcription in Palo Alto, California. These days, many attorneys routinely arrange legal ...
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A Look at Video Conferencing in the Arbitration Field

Video conferencing has proven to be quite useful in the legal field. Attorneys often use video conferencing near Palo Alto, California to depose remote witnesses and keep in touch with colleagues and ...
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How Court Reporting Machines Work

The first question many people have when they see court reporters in action is how they manage to type so fast. The secret is in the court reporting machine. When you hire a court reporter in Palo ...
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Why Technology Can't Replace Court Reporters

The professional court reporter has long been an indispensable fixture in modern courtrooms, but some have raised concerns that court reporters in San Jose and across the country may soon be replaced ...
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Using Videoconferencing for Remote Meetings

For busy professionals, the prospect of traveling for a meeting can be unappealing. Not only does it add extra expense, but it also wastes valuable time that could be better spent on other important ...
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What Legal Issues Are Involved in Video Depositions?

Given the popularity of videoconferencing technology in the legal field, it only makes sense that more attorneys than ever before would be relying on video depositions. Video depositions still require ...
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The Changing Role of Technology in Court Reporting

Even if you have never set foot in a courtroom, you're probably familiar with the iconic image of a professional court reporter, thanks to TV shows and movies. Court reporters meet a crucial need ...
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How to Get the Most Out of Video Conferencing Meetings

Video conferencing is an efficient way to conduct meetings with people in other locations without the time and expense required for travel. However, video conferencing can be even more ineffective ...
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The Productivity Benefits of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing may be a part of your day to day business practices, because this technology has become easier to use and readily available to connect clients and colleagues from anywhere in the ...
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Highlighting the Best Practices for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become commonplace in corporate environments and courtrooms, as it allows parties to connect in real time from anywhere in the world. Whether you are hosting a meeting with ...
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How to Look Professional for Your Next Video Conferencing Meeting

When you are getting ready to have a videoconference for a business meeting, it is important to dress professionally and present a neat, tidy, and clean appearance. Your appearance provides the first ...
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