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Emerging Technologies in Court Reporting

Court reporters are always looking for ways to improve their writing while making their job more comfortable to do. A change in steno equipment can be life changing, especially for court reporters who ...
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A Quick Look at Deposition Abuse

Court reporters serving Palo Alto, California, often attend depositions in which an attorney engages in abusive practices, such as obstruction. Deposition abuse may be more likely when the deposition ...
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Engaging Participants During Your Video Conference

The most challenging part of a video conference isn't the planning or the technology. Instead, it is actually engaging your participants as effectively as you would at a face-to-face event. ...
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Maintaining Audio Quality During a Video Conference

Video conferencing can improve the speed and convenience of legal proceedings and important business collaborations when meeting in person is difficult, costly, or time-consuming. If you are planning ...
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Why Court Reporters Are in High Demand

Court reporters in San Jose, CA aren't just helpful in the courtroom. They are also integral parts of depositions, business meetings, and other kinds of record keeping. There is a reason why ...
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A Closer Look at Stenography

Court reporters in San Jose, CA, provide fast and accurate transcription of discussions in a variety of settings, including courtrooms, legal offices, and business meetings. Professional court ...
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How Do Steno Machines Work?

Court reporters use steno writing to record more words per minute than regular typing. On a regular computer, you can only type one character at a time. Even the fastest typists can only transcribe ...
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