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Should You Hold a Remote Deposition?

Remote depositions conducted via video conferencing tools have many benefits for attorneys and clients alike. If you're considering using video conferencing in the Bay Area to conduct a remote ...
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Can This App Organize Your Law Practice?

Juggling depositions, court dates, court reporters, and clients is a challenge for all law practices. With PracticePanther Legal Software from Google, you can streamline running your office right from ...
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A Quick Look at Deposition Abuse

Court reporters serving Palo Alto, California, often attend depositions in which an attorney engages in abusive practices, such as obstruction. Deposition abuse may be more likely when the deposition ...
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The Role of the Court Reporter in the Corporate Setting

Court reporting services aren't just needed in legal depositions and courtroom cases. There are several ways in which having a certified shorthand reporter can also be helpful in the corporate ...
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A Quick Look at Synchronized Video Transcripts

Synchronized video transcripts combine the power of a visual image with transcripts of a proceeding to make an impact on juries and opposing counsel alike. Having the ability to view testimony taken ...
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The Benefits of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is transforming the way that legal practices handle their cases. Watch this video, which discusses how video conferencing is changing education, to find out some of the benefits of ...
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Common Questions Clients Have About Discovery

Discovery is the investigative phase of preparing for a lawsuit. It takes place before a trial begins and outside of the courtroom, usually involving depositions that can occur face-to-face or ...
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What Can Pulone Reporting Services Do for You?

When you need court reporters or video conferencing in Palo Alto, California, choose Pulone Reporting Services. We have been serving the legal community for more than three decades and offer the very ...
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Tips for Speaking Through an Interpreter

Whether you need an interpreter in Palo Alto, California, for your business or for a legal proceeding, there are a few strategies to keep in mind to ensure that the translation is as simple and ...
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Strategies for Success in Depositions

During a deposition, witness testimony is recorded by a professional court reporter. This process takes place outside the courtroom, typically in an office or conference room, and ensures that witness ...
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Explaining Depositions to Your Clients

For attorneys, preparing clients for depositions can be nerve-wracking because many clients will give speculative answers. While even speculative answers could be truthful, your client needs to ...
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Putting Interpreting Services to Work for You

Regardless of whether you are pursuing a legal case or seeking a business partnership, clear communication is essential to success. A court interpreter in San Jose, CA, can be an invaluable tool when ...
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How to Prepare Your Witnesses for Your Deposition

Once you've hired a court reporter in San Jose, CA for your witness' deposition, you should start preparing the witness for what to expect. Your witness will be much more calm, collected, and ...
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