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Put Our Transcript Repository to Work for You

At Pulone Reporting Services, our transcript repository makes it easy to access your case information while helping you cut down on paperwork. By using our transcript repository in the Bay Area, ...
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Effective Strategies to Ensure Accuracy in Translation

If you are using an interpreter in the Bay Area during a deposition, accuracy becomes more important than ever. There are many things you can do to assist your interpreter and your court reporter to ...
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Can This App Organize Your Law Practice?

Juggling depositions, court dates, court reporters, and clients is a challenge for all law practices. With PracticePanther Legal Software from Google, you can streamline running your office right from ...
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How Your Business Can Benefit from Court Reporting Services

Court reporters train extensively to be able to quickly and accurately capture every spoken word on the legal record. They are essential for legal depositions, hearings, and trials, but the legal ...
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Is Your Law Firm Tech-Savvy Yet?

Technological advances are leaving no industry behind, including the legal field. To be competitive and to provide your clients with the best possible service, you need to be on the cutting edge of ...
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Tips for Professional Video Conferences

Video conferencing might mean you aren't in the same room as the other meeting participants, but it doesn't mean that it is any more casual than a face-to-face meeting. Before your video ...
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Mistakes to Avoid When Working with an Interpreter

When you need interpreter services for your deposition, it's important to avoid certain mistakes that could leave the reliability of the legal transcript in doubt. If you are working with an ...
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Speaking Effectively Through an Interpreter

An interpreter can play an important role in depositions of non-English-speaking witnesses. Often, when you hire a court reporter in San Jose, he or she can provide recommendations or make the ...
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Helping Jurors Understand Technical Concepts

People who serve on a jury are not picked by hand, and they will need to understand the case in order to make a fair judgment. This can be especially tricky when it comes to specialized concepts that ...
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Then and Now: How Technology Has Changed Trial Prep and Courtroom Presentations

Today's court reporters in Silicon Valley have much more to deal with than professional court reporters of just a few years ago. The constantly booming presence of technology in our lives and our ...
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What Lawyers Need to Know About Court Interpreting Services

It's absolutely essential for everyone involved in a court case to understand exactly what's going on, as this is the only way that justice can be served. This can be tricky when people speak ...
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When Is Presentation Technology Appropriate in a Courtroom?

Modern courtrooms often make use of technology, such as teleconferencing services, document digitizing, and legal videography in Palo Alto, California. Presentation technology is another great tool, ...
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Legal Videography: Myths and Realities

Videography can be a powerful tool both in and out of the courtroom, especially when it is paired with other services like court reporting and legal transcription. However, there are some common ...
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A Guide to Court Reporter Etiquette

Court reporters in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and San Jose, CA, offer an essential professional service. Court reporters not only provide a permanent record of what occurs during a trial or in a ...
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Why You Should Choose a High-Tech Court Reporting Agency

Like the rest of the world, the legal field has gone digital. That means that hiring court reporters that can't keep up with these new demands will hold your cases back. When you're choosing ...
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The Many Uses of Video Conferencing

Lawyers in the Palo Alto, California area frequently use video conferencing to hold remote meetings, depose remote witnesses, and much more. But video conferencing is incredibly versatile and may be ...
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A Look at Pulone Reporting Services

When you're in need of professional court reporting near Palo Alto, California, Pulone Reporting Services has the skilled team you need to get the job done. Watch this video to learn more about ...
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Preparing Your Witness for a Video Deposition

Videoconferencing and video recording technology have made communication easier and faster than ever before. Today, testimony may be recorded via video for later submission during a court case, along ...
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Maintaining Audio Quality During a Video Conference

Video conferencing can improve the speed and convenience of legal proceedings and important business collaborations when meeting in person is difficult, costly, or time-consuming. If you are planning ...
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The Importance of Meeting Minutes

Long before you arrive at the conference room near San Jose, CA, for your corporate meeting, you should have arranged for court reporting services, video conferencing, interpreter services, and ...
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Using Videography in Your Legal Business

The legal profession is increasingly relying on legal videography to supplement their transcripts. Videography can be used in depositions, trial preparation, and in the courtroom with court reporters. ...
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The Impact of the iPhone on Court Reporting

Living in Silicon Valley, it is clear to see how technology has made an impact on daily life for any individual. Within the legal industry, technology has completely transformed the profession of ...
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Why Court Reporters Are in High Demand

Court reporters in San Jose, CA aren't just helpful in the courtroom. They are also integral parts of depositions, business meetings, and other kinds of record keeping. There is a reason why ...
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Exploring the Rules of Deposition Preparation

A deposition is a report that serves as evidence during a trial or other legal proceedings. Because a deposition is typically recorded outside of a courtroom for submission at a later time, this ...
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How to Prepare Your Witnesses for Your Deposition

Once you've hired a court reporter in San Jose, CA for your witness' deposition, you should start preparing the witness for what to expect. Your witness will be much more calm, collected, and ...
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