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Examining the Use of Dialects in Legal Interpreting

When you work with a legal interpreter, it is essential to not only consider the standard form of the language being spoken but the dialect as well. Dialectal differences can be more substantial than ...
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Can This App Organize Your Law Practice?

Juggling depositions, court dates, court reporters, and clients is a challenge for all law practices. With PracticePanther Legal Software from Google, you can streamline running your office right from ...
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Essential Tips for Using Deposition Testimony in Court

When you exit the conference room after a successful deposition, you might already be planning how to best use the court reporter's transcript to prepare your case for trial. However, you ...
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Is Your Law Firm Tech-Savvy Yet?

Technological advances are leaving no industry behind, including the legal field. To be competitive and to provide your clients with the best possible service, you need to be on the cutting edge of ...
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Top Myths About Court Reporting

Court reporters play a central role in the legal process by creating legal transcriptions of courtroom proceedings and depositions that can be used in case preparation and to preserve the integrity of ...
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Crucial Questions to Ask During a Deposition

Every deposition is different, but there is some critical information that you will want on in the transcript, no matter who is testifying. As you focus on crafting your questions for your deposition, ...
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Setting Up and Using a "War Room"

When you are preparing for a trial, especially if you plan on using technology when making your case, a war room can be an essential part of your success. Choose a conference room rental that is ...
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When Is Presentation Technology Appropriate in a Courtroom?

Modern courtrooms often make use of technology, such as teleconferencing services, document digitizing, and legal videography in Palo Alto, California. Presentation technology is another great tool, ...
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Can Board Meetings Be Legally Recorded?

There are many advantages to recording board meetings, whether all of the attendees are present in person or the meeting utilizes video conferencing. However, is it legal to do so? Here is what you ...
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Bring Your Law Firm into the Digital Era

Is your law firm taking full advantage of the latest technologies? If not, then you could be doing your clients—and your business—a disservice. Consider speaking with a court reporting ...
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Strategies for Success in Depositions

During a deposition, witness testimony is recorded by a professional court reporter. This process takes place outside the courtroom, typically in an office or conference room, and ensures that witness ...
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Why Technology Can't Replace Court Reporters

The professional court reporter has long been an indispensable fixture in modern courtrooms, but some have raised concerns that court reporters in San Jose and across the country may soon be replaced ...
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Developing a Professional Look for Your Video Conference

When hosting a video conference in the Bay Area, it's essential to maintain a professional look throughout the event. Many people who are hosting a video conference for the first time make the ...
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Remote Participation Depositions: Ensuring Easy Participation

When you are taking part in a remote deposition, how can you ensure that all parties can participate seamlessly and without any gaps in communication? As part of court reporting services, many ...
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Using Videography in Your Legal Business

The legal profession is increasingly relying on legal videography to supplement their transcripts. Videography can be used in depositions, trial preparation, and in the courtroom with court reporters. ...
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Putting Interpreting Services to Work for You

Regardless of whether you are pursuing a legal case or seeking a business partnership, clear communication is essential to success. A court interpreter in San Jose, CA, can be an invaluable tool when ...
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Reasons Court Reporters Are Hired Outside of the Courtroom

Court reporters are tasked with the duties of legal transcription. The most common services a professional court reporter provides include the recording of statements and discussions during legal ...
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Should You Consider Video Depositions?

Court reporters who provide legal videography in San Jose are incredibly valuable to attorneys who want to hold video depositions. A video deposition is a useful way to maintain the most accurate and ...
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What Do Legal Transcriptionists Do?

Legal transcription is an important element of the legal field. Legal transcriptionists are hired to transcribe any auto dictation created in legal cases. Legal transcriptionists must have strong ...
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