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How Your Business Can Benefit from Court Reporting Services

Court reporters train extensively to be able to quickly and accurately capture every spoken word on the legal record. They are essential for legal depositions, hearings, and trials, but the legal ...
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Common Questions Clients Have About Discovery

Discovery is the investigative phase of preparing for a lawsuit. It takes place before a trial begins and outside of the courtroom, usually involving depositions that can occur face-to-face or ...
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Engaging Participants During Your Video Conference

The most challenging part of a video conference isn't the planning or the technology. Instead, it is actually engaging your participants as effectively as you would at a face-to-face event. ...
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Best Practices When Working with a Court Reporter

Court reporters provide legal reporting and transcriptions of depositions and other important legal proceedings and business meetings. When working with a legal reporting service in Silicon Valley, ...
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Can an Interpreting Service Boost Your Bottom Line?

In the corporate world, communication is king. Expanding your company overseas might seem like a smart move, but if your executives can't communicate clearly with their points of contact abroad, ...
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Explaining Depositions to Your Clients

For attorneys, preparing clients for depositions can be nerve-wracking because many clients will give speculative answers. While even speculative answers could be truthful, your client needs to ...
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The Changing Role of Technology in Court Reporting

Even if you have never set foot in a courtroom, you're probably familiar with the iconic image of a professional court reporter, thanks to TV shows and movies. Court reporters meet a crucial need ...
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Remote Participation Depositions: Ensuring Easy Participation

When you are taking part in a remote deposition, how can you ensure that all parties can participate seamlessly and without any gaps in communication? As part of court reporting services, many ...
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How to Handle Common Issues with Remote Depositions

Although many lawyers have yet to make extensive use of remote depositions, there is no question that they are playing an increasingly prominent role in the legal field. In fact, some judges have ...
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The Impact of the iPhone on Court Reporting

Living in Silicon Valley, it is clear to see how technology has made an impact on daily life for any individual. Within the legal industry, technology has completely transformed the profession of ...
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How to Prepare Your Witnesses for Your Deposition

Once you've hired a court reporter in San Jose, CA for your witness' deposition, you should start preparing the witness for what to expect. Your witness will be much more calm, collected, and ...
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Advice for Adhering to Video Conferencing Etiquette

If you have been invited to participate in a videoconference in San Jose for a deposition, meeting, or other legal proceeding, it's important to be prepared. Legal videography demands specific ...
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4-star reviews on Google+

Our clients appreciate our professionalism and it shows on out Google+ page. Here's what Michelle H. had to say about us: "My client was in need of court reporting services in the Bay Area, ...
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