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A Look at the Training and Credentials Needed for Court Reporting

Court reporters are highly trained professionals who must adhere to specific education and licensing rules. Before you hire court reporters in San Jose to assist with your deposition or legal ...
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Deposition Corrections 101

When a deponent wants to change his or her deposition testimony from what the transcript reflects, there are several factors to consider. Although changing the testimony is per California law, doing ...
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The Role of the Court Reporter in the Corporate Setting

Court reporting services aren't just needed in legal depositions and courtroom cases. There are several ways in which having a certified shorthand reporter can also be helpful in the corporate ...
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Engaging Participants During Your Video Conference

The most challenging part of a video conference isn't the planning or the technology. Instead, it is actually engaging your participants as effectively as you would at a face-to-face event. ...
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Tips on Conducting Remote Job Interviews

When your firm is hiring and you want to cast your net for applicants outside of your immediate area, video conferencing offers the opportunity to interview candidates remotely, without the additional ...
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Why You Should Choose a High-Tech Court Reporting Agency

Like the rest of the world, the legal field has gone digital. That means that hiring court reporters that can't keep up with these new demands will hold your cases back. When you're choosing ...
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A Look at Mobile and Cloud Discovery

As with all parts of life, technology is changing the legal field. In addition to using video conferencing during the deposition process and document digitizing, attorneys are becoming increasingly ...
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Tips for Planning a Mock Deposition

For a plaintiff or defendant, the most nerve-wracking part of litigation is often the questioning during a deposition or trial. Lawyers can prepare their clients by discussing the basic format of the ...
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Reasons Court Reporters Are Hired Outside of the Courtroom

Court reporters are tasked with the duties of legal transcription. The most common services a professional court reporter provides include the recording of statements and discussions during legal ...
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Should You Consider Video Depositions?

Court reporters who provide legal videography in San Jose are incredibly valuable to attorneys who want to hold video depositions. A video deposition is a useful way to maintain the most accurate and ...
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Advice for Adhering to Video Conferencing Etiquette

If you have been invited to participate in a videoconference in San Jose for a deposition, meeting, or other legal proceeding, it's important to be prepared. Legal videography demands specific ...
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What Are the Benefits of Court Video Recording?

Court video recording in San Jose, California is a valuable court reporting service that is offered by the best court reporters in the area. There are significant benefits to having access to court ...
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Court Reporting and Today's Technology

Court reporting services are becoming more advanced every year with new technological developments that make it easier and faster to receive high quality legal transcriptions, legal videography, and ...
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What You Need to Know About Hiring a Court Reporter

When you need a professional court reporter, legal videographer, or court interpreter for an upcoming deposition, you’ll want to be able to quickly find a reputable professional court reporting ...
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What Is the Importance of Interpreting Services?

With the help of new technological advancements, it is easier than ever to do business with people in countries across the world. Since so much business is now conducted internationally, it is ...
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What Services Do Court Interpreters Provide?

Many people think that court interpreters only work in the courtroom, but actually they are involved in every step of the legal process. Court interpreters in San Jose speak a wide range of languages ...
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