Reasons to Consider Remote Depositions for Your Case

Whether you expect a case to ultimately go to trial or you think that you will be able to settle out of court, depositions are an essential part of the case preparation process. However, do they need to be conducted in person to be effective? More and more attorneys are embracing the advantages of video conferencing to conduct remote depositions instead of traveling from location to location with boxes of evidence and files. Could video conferencing services in the Bay Area make remote depositions right for you? Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider conducting your depositions virtually in the future.

Reasons to Consider Remote Depositions for Your Case

Saving Money for Your Clients

Travel expenses can add up quickly, especially when you need to depose multiple people across the country and around the world. Remote depositions allow you to bypass these travel costs entirely and pass those savings on to your client. By using document-digitizing services, you can even share important documents remotely, so you can save money on shipping fees—another money-saving solution that your clients will appreciate.

Managing Cases More Efficiently

A deposition itself may only take a few hours, but when you have to travel to conduct it, this short meeting could end up taking days of your time. International travel in particular can waste valuable days that could be better spent working on other matters related to your case. Using remote depositions to manage your time lets you work more effectively for your clients and helps you achieve a better work-life balance, since your time will be used more efficiently.

Collaborating with Experts

If expert witnesses are required as part of your deposition, you don't have to be limited by geography. Choose the best experts for your case and invite them to work collaboratively with you during a remote deposition. Doing so will allow you to provide your clients with the best possible resources without the additional costs of covering an expert's travel expenses.

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