Hear What a Judge Thinks About High-Tech Courtrooms

Court reporters in the Bay Area support technological advancements like real-time reporting. Incorporating modern technology into courtrooms is beneficial for judges, attorneys, and the public. You can learn how when you watch this video, presented by the National Court Reporters Association. It's an interview with U.S. District Court Judge Nuffer, whose new courthouse features 10 fully renovated, technologically equipped courtrooms.

Judge Nuffer explains that he first started experimenting with real-time court reporting services when a colleague praised their benefits. The judge asked a court reporter to connect her computer to a monitor on his bench, which allowed him to better analyze exactly what was being said. He found that real-time reporting gave him better focus and memory retention. As you watch this video, you'll also hear what Judge Nuffer says about the benefits of real-time reporting for attorneys and the public.