Essential Features to Look for in a Conference Room

When you choose a conference room for a deposition, ensuring that it has the features you need in advance will help you avoid needless delays. Your court reporter in the Bay Area will be able to arrange for the right space for your needs. As you consider your conference room rental options, keep these features in mind to mention to your court reporting firm.

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Your conference room will be nearly useless for your needs if you don't verify that it has Wi-Fi connectivity in advance. Keep in the mind the number of devices that will be in use on the day of the deposition and ensure that the Wi-Fi can keep up with the demands of the laptops, smart phones, and tablets that are all likely to be in use. Know how to log in to the Wi-Fi before your deposition begins, so you don't lose any time on that day, and make sure everyone involved in the proceedings has the necessary login information.

Video Conferencing Equipment

If you are conducting a remote deposition, video conferencing equipment is essential. You will need the capabilities for both audio and video recording to create a complete recording that can be used in trial. If you have your reporter in the Bay Area host your video conference, they will test the connection in advance of your depo and will operate the equipment so you can be assured of a successful remote depo.

ADA Compliance

Any conference room you rent should be compliant with ADA guidelines. The room must be large enough to accommodate anyone who has a disability and may rely on a mobility device. You must also be able to ensure accessibility without compromising your legal obligations for confidentiality for all of the witnesses and attorneys involved in your deposition.