Quick Tips for Better Board Meetings

When it comes to board meetings, they are either extremely productive or an extreme waste of time. Where does your meeting fall on the scale? If you're not making use of resources like hiring a court reporter in the Bay Area to chronicle the happenings, then your meetings may not be as efficient as they could be.

To boost the effectiveness of your board meetings, plan the agenda in advance and make sure that everyone has the materials for the meeting with enough time to review them. Assume that the members have read your materials, and spend your time in the meeting addressing issues. There shouldn't be any surprises in the meeting that can distract from checking off the items on your to-do list. Having an accurate record of the meeting is essential for everyone, so hire a court reporter to create a reliably accurate transcript. Store the transcript in a transcript repository through your court reporter, so that everyone can easily access it.

board meeting tips

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