How to Help Your Court Reporter Help You

After you've conducted a few dozen or hundred depositions, you have a firm grasp on the ins and outs of formal questioning under oath. But your court reporter has another perspective on depositions, and many of the things lawyers habitually do can inadvertently make the court reporter's job more complicated. The next time you need to hire a professional reporter in the Bay Area, take a few minutes to review the following tips.

Help Your Court Reporter

Seating Arrangements

Most lawyers are excellent public speakers, and they can project their voices well. Witnesses, on the other hand, can be soft-spoken. This is especially true when a witness is intimidated by the legal process and nervous about giving testimony under oath. For these reasons, it's good practice to seat the professional court reporter close to the witness. Being able to clearly hear the testimony clearly is essential for accuracy.

Marking Exhibits

Court reporters are often asked to mark exhibits. This means they must temporarily stop recording the testimony. Lawyers sometimes inadvertently continue speaking while the reporter marks the exhibit. Try to remember to pause for a minute.

Communicating Clearly

It should go without saying that clear communication is a must during any deposition. But lawyers often neglect to only use spoken language, rather than nonverbal cues. A witness may nod or gesture, so be sure to remind the witness to give spoken responses. Always verbalize when you're going off and back on the record, just in case there's any confusion. And while reading from a document, try to keep the pace of your speech the same as it would normally be.

Requesting Rush Transcripts

Rush transcripts are a normal part of the business, but it means court reporters must rearrange their schedules. If you know that you need a rush transcript, let the reporter know as far in advance of the deposition as possible. Court reporters are happy to provide rush jobs, but it's easier when they can rearrange their schedules in advance.

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