Embracing Technology in the Legal Field

At some law schools, it's possible to take coursework in emerging fields like the laws of robotics and space travel. It's going to be a long time before interstellar personal injury claims are filed, but in the meantime, large and boutique law firms alike are recognizing the need to digitize. Video conferencing—which is available in conference rooms in the Bay Area—is often seen as a necessity, rather than a luxury. Lawyers who readily embrace video conferencing technology can look forward to much faster, easier long-distance depositions.

Lawyers who don't yet use legal videography should give it a try, as it can revolutionize the way a case is prepared. It allows trial lawyers to easily find specific clips of depositions, edit videos, and prepare them for presentation. High-quality legal videography can affect the outcome of a case, as it allows jurors to experience the evidence in a way that isn't possible by merely having a witness read back the testimony.

Embracing Technology in the Legal Field

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