Top Myths About Court Reporting

Court reporters play a central role in the legal process by creating legal transcriptions of courtroom proceedings and depositions that can be used in case preparation and to preserve the integrity of the legal process. However, some people still believe some myths about court reporters that help to perpetuate a misunderstanding of the profession and prevent people who can benefit from hiring court reporters in Palo Alto from using them. Here is a look at the truth behind some common myths about court reporters.

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Myth: Court reporters are just fast typists.

Court reporters are known for their ability to type quickly, and they often do so using a special type of shorthand known as stenography on a stenograph machine. Using stenography, they can capture what is being said quickly and then translate it into full words and sentences. However, typing is just the start of the responsibilities of being a court reporter. They must have a handle on a wide range of jargon and have the ability to concentrate on several different voices at once without missing any communications from any party in the proceedings. Court reporters are trained to cope with a demanding work environment in which precision is essential.

Myth: Court reporters work exclusively in courtrooms.

Not only do court reporters work outside of the courtroom, but they also work outside of the legal field. Some court reporters work for corporate clients and take minutes of important board meetings and interviews. Other court reporters work exclusively as captioners, providing captions for TV and online broadcasts. In addition to working in the courtroom and working with attorneys on depositions, court reporters can work across many different industries.

Myth: Court reporters can be replaced by computers.

Speech-to-text programs are not nearly proficient enough to replicate the work done by court reporters, and it is unlikely that they will ever reach that level. Court reporters capture tone, nuance, accents and figurative speech in the way that a computer program simply can't. Computers are nowhere close to being able to replace court reporters.

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