Setting Up and Using a "War Room"

When you are preparing for a trial, especially if you plan on using technology when making your case, a war room can be an essential part of your success. Choose a conference room rental that is equipped with video conferencing and other tools you will need to prepare for your case, and use your war room as a rehearsal space for the courtroom. Here is what you need to know about setting up an effective war room so you can get the most out of the space.

war - room

Setting Up Your Space

Ideally, your war room should contain the same technology you will use during the trial. Find out what software platforms are used in the court, and use the same ones in your war room during preparation. Doing so will give you ample opportunity to rehearse using them so that you can confidently use them during trials; plus, it will allow you to ensure that all of your exhibits will work on the systems the court will be using. You should also have video conferencing technology to depose and prepare remote witnesses, access to printing and copying, and a secure, high-speed internet connection.

Using the Space

How you use your war room depends on your needs during your trial preparation. It can be an ideal location to prepare witnesses, both in-person and remotely through video conferencing. With your court reporter, you can also take in-person and remote depositions. Your war room should be the space you use to run through your case, using the technology you plan to incorporate into your arguments, so that you can identify any issues before you present it in court. If you plan to use the war room for multiple days, ask the conference room company if you can leave it set up and locked for the duration of your rental.

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