Essential Features to Look for in a Conference Room

When you choose a conference room for a deposition, ensuring that it has the features you need in advance will help you avoid needless delays. Your court reporter in the Bay Area will be able to ...
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Should You Hold a Remote Deposition?

Remote depositions conducted via video conferencing tools have many benefits for attorneys and clients alike. If you're considering using video conferencing in the Bay Area to conduct a remote ...
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Put Our Transcript Repository to Work for You

At Pulone Reporting Services, our transcript repository makes it easy to access your case information while helping you cut down on paperwork. By using our transcript repository in the Bay Area, ...
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Effective Strategies to Ensure Accuracy in Translation

If you are using an interpreter in the Bay Area during a deposition, accuracy becomes more important than ever. There are many things you can do to assist your interpreter and your court reporter to ...
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Hosting a Video Conference? Avoid These Etiquette Mistakes

Video conferencing makes it easier than ever to host remote depositions and conduct business across borders without travel costs. To get the most from your video conference, however, there are certain ...
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Can This App Organize Your Law Practice?

Juggling depositions, court dates, court reporters, and clients is a challenge for all law practices. With PracticePanther Legal Software from Google, you can streamline running your office right from ...
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A Look at the Training and Credentials Needed for Court Reporting

Court reporters are highly trained professionals who must adhere to specific education and licensing rules. Before you hire court reporters in San Jose to assist with your deposition or legal ...
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Deposition Corrections 101

When a deponent wants to change his or her deposition testimony from what the transcript reflects, there are several factors to consider. Although changing the testimony is per California law, doing ...
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Who Should Attend a Deposition?

During a deposition, the conference room generally holds only the deponent, examiner, deponent's counsel, and the court reporter. Other attorneys may be present, depending on the case. Legal ...
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Essential Tips for Using Deposition Testimony in Court

When you exit the conference room after a successful deposition, you might already be planning how to best use the court reporter's transcript to prepare your case for trial. However, you ...
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How Your Business Can Benefit from Court Reporting Services

Court reporters train extensively to be able to quickly and accurately capture every spoken word on the legal record. They are essential for legal depositions, hearings, and trials, but the legal ...
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A Quick Look at Deposition Abuse

Court reporters serving Palo Alto, California, often attend depositions in which an attorney engages in abusive practices, such as obstruction. Deposition abuse may be more likely when the deposition ...
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A Look at Our Interpreting Services

In today's fast-paced, high-tech world, all of us need to have the ability to communicate across language barriers. That means that access to professional interpreting services you can depend on ...
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Is Your Conference Room ADA-Compliant?

When choosing a conference room for your video conference or deposition, one thing to consider about the space is whether it meets ADA guidelines. When you're hiring a video conferencing company ...
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Get the Answers to Your Questions About Video Conferences

Video conferences are changing the way people do business. From lawyers using video conferences for depositions to companies using video conferences instead of hosting business trips, video is ...
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Is Your Law Firm Tech-Savvy Yet?

Technological advances are leaving no industry behind, including the legal field. To be competitive and to provide your clients with the best possible service, you need to be on the cutting edge of ...
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Top Myths About Court Reporting

Court reporters play a central role in the legal process by creating legal transcriptions of courtroom proceedings and depositions that can be used in case preparation and to preserve the integrity of ...
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Tips for Professional Video Conferences

Video conferencing might mean you aren't in the same room as the other meeting participants, but it doesn't mean that it is any more casual than a face-to-face meeting. Before your video ...
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Mistakes to Avoid When Working with an Interpreter

When you need interpreter services for your deposition, it's important to avoid certain mistakes that could leave the reliability of the legal transcript in doubt. If you are working with an ...
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Using Videography to Organize Your Case

Legal videography can play a powerful role in your case preparation. By syncing video to the legal transcript, case organization is easier than ever before. Here are some of the benefits of working ...
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The Role of the Court Reporter in the Corporate Setting

Court reporting services aren't just needed in legal depositions and courtroom cases. There are several ways in which having a certified shorthand reporter can also be helpful in the corporate ...
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Top Mistakes to Avoid in Your Video Conference

Video conferencing is a very effective way to cut the costs of out-of-town depositions by allowing you to meet and participate remotely. A court reporter can provide a legal transcription of the video ...
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Crucial Questions to Ask During a Deposition

Every deposition is different, but there is some critical information that you will want on in the transcript, no matter who is testifying. As you focus on crafting your questions for your deposition, ...
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Speaking Effectively Through an Interpreter

An interpreter can play an important role in depositions of non-English-speaking witnesses. Often, when you hire a court reporter in San Jose, he or she can provide recommendations or make the ...
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Helping Jurors Understand Technical Concepts

People who serve on a jury are not picked by hand, and they will need to understand the case in order to make a fair judgment. This can be especially tricky when it comes to specialized concepts that ...
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